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  1. Thank you, this was *very* helpful information. I'll let her know and see if this can help her in some way. Thank you again!
  2. Note: No foreigners will be present, involved, or having anything to do with this transaction. 100% Thai Only. My friend found a piece of land she likes, but is concerned about how to buy it given that the owner says it is in the bank (mortgaged). My understanding is that there is *no* safe way to buy it. Came up with a couple of scenarios: Scenario 1: She gives the owner the money Owner gives the money to the bank Owner runs away. Scenario 2: She gives the owner the money The owner signs a contract to give the land
  3. The Russians at least used to spend their money at normal places, like bars, restaurants, small hotels, shops, etc. So they will help the economy a bit. Indians don't spend money at any of those places, and just take up space, crowding stood a girl or standing skin close to others trying to go about their business. Chinese aren't coming back this year. Thailand failed to be attractive to other groups or find another source of revenue. Either way, still no good here.
  4. Keep in mind, some businesses require their employees to have been vaccinated. So it may be a choice of Sinovac, or unemployment.
  5. What is the fate of those who paid for moderna a few months ago?
  6. About time. Good news. How long after getting second AZ, should one wait before getting moderna?
  7. The purpose of closing the border is to prevent introduction of the virus. That has already happened. The purpose of lockdown is to slow the rate of transmission. Widespread transmission has already happened. Since the measures in place do not accomplish the goals, there is no need for those measures. Doing lockdown and border controls correctly is, evidently, not possible. Therefore open everything. Transmission will remain close to where it is now, but at least the economy will recover.
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