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  1. Or even worse Wise will, in a huff, decide arbitrarily to close the accounts of each and every person who, in their eyes, has the temerity to lodge a complaint with them about their practices. In this connection, I distinctly recall reports on here of quite a few people (mainly Americans, I think) suddenly discovering that their TransferWise/Wise accounts had been closed with no advance warning or explanation. And since, as @Pib has been at pains to point out, SWIFT transfers provide no cast-iron guarantee of the coveted FTT/International Transfer coding either, the prospects for u
  2. Unfortunately, simplicity is no longer the watchword as far as the UK government as a whole - and not just the Embassy - is concerned. On the contrary, its clear aim is to make our lives here in LOS as difficult and complicated as is humanly possible - in accomplishing which it is, of course, being eagerly aided and abetted by its Thai counterpart. Take the excessively bureaucratic procedures which have been inflicted on us over the past 10 years in the areas of passport renewal (thanks to HMPO) and State Pension life certificates (thanks to IPC) as 2 examples of this. And, when it
  3. I do, however recall reports on here of a number of rogue offices still insisting on 3 months seasoning of 800k prior to application date after the change to 2 months was made. Don't know whether this is still an issue in the case of small provincial offices in particular. But seems unlikely to be one in the OP's case, though, since his office is presumably Chiang Mai.
  4. Agree with you 100%. I suspect that the most we could expect from Wise in rectifying this what some have called (inaccurately IMHO) error would be for them to offer an option for us to select the partner bank which they should use for a particular transfer - subject, presumably, to increased fixed and/or variable rates (meaning less THB at the end of the day, of course) plus a delay in paying out this transfer if our preferred partner bank was not available for this purpose at the time (e.g. because Wise's account with them was temporarily over-subscribed). But this would, of course, necessita
  5. So there we have it in black and white, it would appear: selecting the "Funds For Long-Term Stay In Thailand" option does not provide - nor has ever provided, nor will presumably ever provide - a 100% cast-iron guarantee of the coveted FTT/International Transfer coding in the case of BKKB accounts, as far as Wise are concerned. As neither does not "account tagging", it would appear, based on responses which other contributors to this thread have received on this particular point from Wise. However, it may well be that, instead of having to faff about with obtaining FET
  6. Attached is the blank pdf which the IPC emailed to me in 2020 - the third and fourth pages contain the actual certificate which needs to be completed and witnessed. Their "impeccable" logic in steadfastly refusing to make it available for download from the GOV.UK website truly beggars belief, I think! Incidentally, when I contacted the IPC this time last year to check whether a Life Certificate was on its way to me (which it transpired one was ), I was able to do so successfully by using their electronic enquiry form at https://secure.dwp.gov.uk/ipc/personal-details .
  7. The "usual reasons" the OP refers to relate to the fact that defamation is treated as a criminal matter here in LOS, rather than as a civil matter as in most other countries. So, had the OP named the bank in question and they had taken exception to this, criminal proceedings against him might have resulted. Had he been found guilty, he might well have found himself banged up for a lengthy stretch in the Bangkok Hilton by way of punishment!
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