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  1. Happy Birthday to Garth Hudson, 84 today!. What a great riff this is. Jim Capaldi was born on this day
  2. I inserted George which it accepted, I then deleted him and left the space blank. The green tick remained and I was accepted!
  3. It won't accept my middle names. My mother, being pretentious, gave me two, Hugh and Gordon. The website accepts neither or both as on my passport. Is there a help line anywhere?
  4. Nice photos Owl. Well, the temperature is pleasant but these clouds just won't deliver rain. It's plain my offering of a Leo bottle to the Rain God was dismissed with contempt. I'll have to replace it with a bottle of Blend 285, that should do the trick.
  5. Great songs and videos being posted. Marco Polo, born tomorrow a few years ago, went east along the Silk Road. i wonder which road songs would have inspired and enhanced his trip? My own guess-
  6. Mike Bloomfield was born on this day. Wonderful stuff. So was Rick Wright.
  7. Happy Birthday Mick. Unbelievable stamina and fitness fora bloke at 79! And then there are the songs
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