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  1. The publisher of this particular article has nothing to do with it. He admitted this to congress.
  2. Dr. Anthony Fauci confessed to lawmakers Tuesday that guidelines to keep six feet of separation — ostensibly to limit the spread of COVID-19 — “sort of just appeared” without scientific input. Fauci, 83, revealed to the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic that the “six feet apart” recommendation championed by him and other US public health officials was “likely not based on scientific data,” according to Chairman Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio), who is also a physician. COVID ‘6-feet’ social distancing ‘sort of just appeared,’ likely lacked scientific basis, Fauci admits https://nypost.com/2024/01/10/news/fauci-admits-to-congress-that-certain-covid-social-distancing-guidelines-lacked-scientific-basis-sort-of-just-appeared/
  3. By anti-vaxxer do you mean anti-mRNA vaccines or are all people who don't want these vaccines all anti-vaxxers i.e. anti all vaccines? Seems your just sprouting the same old demonizing narrative.
  4. Very low numbers for a population of around 70,000,000. Again we don't know of existent comorbidities. The common cold can be deadly for those who are immunocompromised. This new variant as explained in the article has not changed in it's severity. It remains non-severe for those not at risk i.e. the majority of the population.
  5. Deadly? Not anymore. It's Omicron and has been for years and for the very vast majority mild and not deadly. Please supply i.e. source any information that shows this to be deadly. Even the article says it's mild. i.e. non-severe/mild for the overwhelming majority of people.
  6. i.e. a non-severe viral infection akin to the common cold and the flu. Said before and I'll say it again. This is Omicron doing what Omicron does. Evolve This will continue.
  7. Sadly I think not a 12 yr old.. Did say a billion zillion or something like that though in a previous post so hard to tell. Posts nonsense never supported by any sort of intellectual discourse. Sad really but society is full of people who believe what they are told. Sheeple has to be one of the greatest nouns to describe those who blindly follow what they're told and have zero critical thinking skills. "There are none so blind as those who will not see."
  8. This is pretty true. Comorbidities were never part of the count. Now it seems end of life medication may have upped the numbers. Thing is it's now Omicron. The virus has evolved into a much less severe variant akin to a common cold or the flu. As for bird flu who knows what manipulation is happening to the H5N1 virus with gain of function research in labs.
  9. Nasty personal attack and a puerile one at that. Nice one. Shows what sort of person you are I guess.
  10. Well you need to look a bit deeper than this. As the saying goes "who fact checks the fact checker?" Doctors, scientists etc threatened to toe the line and support the narrative or else their jobs and funding would cease to be. This was and is information censorship. A war on freedom of speech. Some fall for it like yourself and others don't.
  11. Well there you go. Says a lot really. VACCINE INJURY. There's one. Total systemic distribution of the RNA. There's another. Excess deaths? Looking likely that jabs have something to do with it. Lab leak? Evidence sure supports it whereas there is zero evidence of a zoonotic origin. You believe what you will. I try and educate myself beyond what the legacy media tells me to believe.
  12. Excellent ad hominem response. The typical response from someone who knows they're wrong. As I said there's plenty of peer reviewed scientific research papers out there but finding anything that goes against the narrative on Google is not that easy. As for unproven why hasn't the zoonotic theory of the origin of the virus been proven. I'll tell you because it wasn't zoonotic. As for a "small band of conspiracy theorists" you are mistaken. It's not small but probably a lot smaller than that of the sheeple of which you are part of the flock. "There's none so blind as those who will not see."
  13. Not quite accurate. They know of Mexico maybe just not where it is.
  14. Again I say vaccine injury was a conspiracy theory. This I'm sure you believed. Now it is fact. Saying the virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute where gain of function was occurring was a conspiracy theory and that the origin was zoonotic in nature from a wet market. There is absolutely no evidence that the wet market theory is correct 4 yrs on but there's plenty of evidence that points to a lab leak. Remember the CCP destroyed evidence in regards to the lab. My ignorance as you call it comes from educating myself about this rather than believing what I'm told to believe.
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