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  1. If they are important they can sometimes become lost and then miraculously found again once your pocket is somewhat lighter.
  2. By 10k are you including the ATK tests that the Rural Doctor's Association says should be included? On that point there are now hundreds of thousands if not millions of these things out there. I wonder why the positives being reported are so low?
  3. Antigen positives are very accurate. Problem lies with false negatives.
  4. Flocking to the bars, the night life, guess pools in the hotels will be open. sit around the pool eat a meal have a drink, everything that most people come here for will be open. Will it? Anyone see anywhere where bars, restaurants will be allowed to sell alcohol. I haven't been looking to much latelty.
  5. Amazing really. 2 days ago 20,000 with 10,000 ATK tests. Rural Doctors association comes out saying ATK needs to be counted. Today 10,000 with 1000 ATK tests. Mmmm! Coincidence?
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