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  1. BP has the list. The masks I have is on the list. Medimask. Made in Thailand.
  2. My memory might fail me but I reckon it was 2004. That was an election year. I remember the army helicopters with huge speakers flying overhead blasting out vote Thaksin. It was also the year of the tsunami.
  3. Every mum and pop shop in all of Thailand sells alcohol outside of the midnight to eleven and the two to five shutdown for supermarkets and 7's etc. This is fact. Why argue the point. It is reality. If this is illegal as you say why does it happen absoltutely nation wide (not now of course with the ever going state of emergency/curfew)
  4. If you could show this law in writing it would be great because I have never and I repeat never not been able to buy alcohol during the 2-5 pm period and indeed in the morninig if I feel so before 11 a.m. at a mum and pop shop if they're open. i.e. e.g 8:00 a.m. Religion and elections being an exception depending on where I am.
  5. Well if big fat brown envelopes suddenly became green I would absolutely believe this.
  6. There was a ban from any shops in a certain distance from a school selling alcohol cant remember the distance and if it still applies but it was just more madness from the mad people in charge. You used to be able to buy alcohol in petrol stations not any more. I can sort of understand that but drive down the road a bit and you can from a 711 (not 12 a.m - 11 a.m. or 2 p.m. - 5 pm) or any mum and pop shop. As for mum and pop shops selling all day I have come across a few that are open 24 hrs and again some 711's sell alcohol 24 hrs e.g. at the airport.
  7. Not across from a school and not in a petrol station (that was stopped post coup I think but I might be wrong) and not all day. Not sure where I said across from a school. Silly comment. Do you live in Thailand?
  8. You do not need ID at mum and pop. You should get out more.
  9. Well with all due respects you are wrong. This only applies to supermarkets, 711 etc. If I am wrong then for the last 17 yrs all mom and pop shops have been breaking the law everyday and continue to do so.
  10. No. You can freely buy from mum and pop shops between 2-5pm. No restrictions. Which is of course the thing. Not at 711 but walk across the road to a mum and pop shop and you can.
  11. Sorry but no. It has been in place since 2004. I have been here ever since. It has not changed. In some areas (tourist?/airport) it does not apply.
  12. Yep. Thaksin. 2004. It came in my 1st year here. Completely absurd.
  13. I have just been told that p4 and p5 students will come to school as of tomorrow. All of course are unvaccinated. Justification is parents of students attending have been double vaccinated. Feel free to comment.
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