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  1. Countries that are in a better recovery position then Thailand are seeing shortages and major inflation on construction materials/costs. I bet Thailand will experience this at some point and building now could be much better then doing so in a year.
  2. 3. ASQ – Confirmation of Alternative State Quarantine directly from the hotel. – Reservation from Booking.com is not applicable. The above is from the Los Angeles Thai consulate website. Just a heads up, it appears online broker site bookings are not accepted.
  3. Don't like It is all over priced and over hyped. But, I know people buy into it so I bought the stock several years ago. After a few splits, have made a bundle.
  4. Aetna, Axa and some others have Thai medical. If they want decent coverage it will cost them due to their age and Diabetes possibly one year 3,000 USD each.
  5. So sorry you won't be coming. Have you been keeping up on arrival news the past 18 months? A share of people have arrive in BKK or the Sandbox and tested positive after getting their negative test prior. A lot can happen within the 72 hour window, seems very naive to think it cannot.
  6. Thailand will be due for some big inflation. Just wait it is coming when the demand increases. Those 30,000 b a month UK pensions could well end up being a semi-poverty lifestyle. Some will no longer be able to afford it here, unless they decide to live in total obscurity. The big dream soon, could well turn into a nightmare.
  7. I hope not, but they have talked about insurance for a few years now I think this has given them an excuse to implement it. What is the difference on showing/proving insurance coverage and showing/proving a vaccine certificate? They may just have you verify it online prior to travel as they do now. Or, I have an Aetna insurance card with specific coverage show this or something similar upon departure or entry.
  8. Not much detailed info at this point. My belief is every person who enters the country in the future will be required to have some type of travel or other medical coverage.
  9. Seems the early on vaccinated folks now have waning immunity leaving them less protected. Now this new variant. The UK may be in a world of hurt does not look good they should be banned from traveling so they don't spread it.
  10. Biden's 87,000 New IRS Agents Will Generate Cash for Democrat Campaign Coffers. President Joe Biden plans to shovel $80 billion into the Internal Revenue Service to hire 86,852 new agents, a Treasury Department report confirmed Thursday. Big big crack down starting in the U.S. Biden hiring all these IRS agents to watch everything you do with your money.
  11. I play Green Valley and Mae Jo CC. Both nice I think and not overly priced.
  12. Cheese and meats are good keep high protein is better. Sugar is the most addictive substance on earth terrible it kills many more people then Covid should be banned permanently worldwide.
  13. Some countries think all westerners are wealthy. Many of these girls are fooled thinking the guy has money and he turns out to be a big loser joke cheap charlie.
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