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  1. As power poles cause so much carnage on the roads in Thailand maybe it is time to ban them?????
  2. Sorry but the retirement age in the UK is now 66 due to rise to 68 depending on your date of birth. Also in response to the OP I am a pensioner and I pay wodges of tax in the UK.
  3. Here in Kata was a Soi dog who responded to Thai, English and Swedish commands.
  4. I think this comment is totally uncalled for. The whole group deserve our admiration for their courage and fortitude.
  5. Someone please correct me if I am wrong but as I read it re being unvaccinated, you only have to provide a negative PCR test 72 hours prior to travel and a test on arrival with NO quarantine? Plus the Thailand pass and insurance.
  6. Looking at the state of the world over the past twenty years - would you really want to bring a child into this world? I cannot understand why adoption isn't easier as there are so many orphaned children needing a good home to get a good start in life.
  7. I was talking to couple on the beach in Kata last week. They had visited Thailand many times before their children arrived. they wanted their kids to experience the fun and joy of songkran so booked their holiday to coincide with it. Sadly they were very disappointed.
  8. Soi Dogs DO have a neutering programme. Even if the animal is 'owned' anyone can have their dog/cat neutered free of charge.
  9. I went to the UK last year and had to comply with all the UK regulations which were an expensive pain in the <deleted>. Comming back to Thailand was a pain - mostly ecause it could only be done on-line and at the time needing pre-appoval for what was then Thailand Plus. Anyway after many stressful hours in front of the computer I managed to it all and book my 14 night quarantine in Phuket. Will see what I have to do for a return trip later this year. I remain unjabbed
  10. It was my dream to retire to Goa but the visa rules changed so it became a no-no. I loved Goa and India in general very helpful people. First went i 94 and last went 2011. Been to Sri Lanka but found outside of the hotels the people were very pushy and unusual for me I felt quite intimidated. Never been to Pattaya
  11. Many thanks for that - he has a business in Dubai and London also he needs to see his factory here in Bangkok, Hence a flying(literally) visit of 8 days.
  12. My friend intends to come to Thailand for eight days. He wants to fly into Bangkok and stay there for two days then come to Phuket. Is it possible for him to do the on arrival test in Bangkok and then day 5 in Phuket. Any help appreciated. He intends to some early April so we do appreciate things can change.
  13. That's odd because a hotel owner told me he had to be vaccinated to carry on working.
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