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  1. Its alcohol. That replaces it. Who said beer was a spirit?
  2. Walk to 7/11 and back. Buy almonds and beans. Secret to long life!
  3. 25 mins a day exercise is all you need. After that law of diminishing returns applies.
  4. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/13-habits-linked-to-a-long-life
  5. 10%. It means stuff all. Unless you going to play sport for money. Diet is overrated too. Being lean overrated. Its minerals that prolong lifespan.
  6. Science? Some studies found overweight people live longer. I know some. Never skinny, didnt exercise lived to 95+ Exercise is overrated big time. Genes are the greatest lifespan factor.
  7. Yes Im bored. Covid. Otherwise i travel. Love travelling.
  8. At least I dont lecture people. You are right. Everyone else is wrong. You dont seem happy at all.
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