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  1. Its the lack of policing and the low tax (If any) for the richest in Thailand. The UK had 1400 drink driving fatalities due in 1979 and now 250
  2. I recall the work being underataken on Sukhumvit wires all over the pavement , Sois blocked as well and men dangling off of uninsulated ladders
  3. Both of my kid's here on Sunday 7th. I have applied for their NIs HMRC say up to 16 weeks due to covid 19. Obviously they must have working hard at home. It used to be emergency tax until you get an NI number ?
  4. Last question I promise. I know the routine with duel passport holders Thai and British. They with be showing both at check in only. I had no problems before I will be flying them with Qatari airlines. Thanks in advance for advice
  5. Thanks one was born in the UK and one in Thailand . i will call them today. OG thanks but the like caters for immigrants rather than Brits
  6. Now Thailand is off the UK red list they we will be coming next month. They have lived in Thailand nearly all of their lives so they have no NI number
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