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  1. Sure, I could have gone on and on. The stray dog situation is horrific and utterly uncivilised. Yes, there is no energy or spark here, everyone just mopes around, slowly. Highlight of the week is a trip to Big C/Lotus, do me a favour.
  2. Nope, it's as boring as hell with nothing exciting to do. Groundhog day would sum it up. The weather is also awful, it's either raining or like an oven, awful. Thai's are awfully strange people, with most completely lacking in any personality. Everywhere looks the same, no matter what province you are in. Everything also looks grey, no bright or interesting buildings. Unless you like banging cheap brasses or you're an alchie, there is absolutely no point in being here at all. Look at most Thai's, they are bored and fed up too, and most likely wonder why the hell we are living here. Friday tom
  3. Pathetic. Why do these muppets insist to keep insulting our intelligence. Covid really has shown up this country for what it is.
  4. But that wasn't the point, was it. That is a totally different debate. You stated that Thai's can only seem to get the Sinovac, but that isn't true, as most Thai's have been getting the Sinovac/AZ combo.
  5. Thai's can get a Sinovac with an AZ, that has actually been the norm, but yea to get one of the posh needles x2 is difficult for Thai's.
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