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  1. Yep as I thought, So my question is do you need the original blue book (ie proof the car has been paid for) before you can get finance on said car? My understanding is yes, as I'm sure I've heard tales before of frightened husbands hiding the blue book, for obvious reasons
  2. I've never owned a car here, so my bad I've learnt something. But my question is do you need the original blue book (ie proof the car has been paid for) before you can get finance on said car?
  3. Does anyone know what Kwasaki meant by ''the book'' before he got himself all upset and sloped off? I can only think he means the blue book, but I'm quite sure you only get the blue book when the car is fully paid for, or am I missing something??
  4. Looks like Beirut. This virus as totally decimated the bar scene here, which will of course delight a few, if not more than a few.
  5. None, as you are most definitely social distancing lol...but, of course you still get the evil stare if you don't. Like a load of sheep.
  6. What book? if you mean blue book, then she won't have it, or a copy, as the car isn't paid for yet, as I said?
  7. True enough about the vaccine take up, but lets face it this will still be pretty much the same when more get vaccinated, and I don't know the figures but it must be pretty high here now % wise. As for the masks, I can see us being 'told' you wear them for frigging years..
  8. Don't think so as I said in my OP, it was a bonafide company that turned up, Muangthai Capital, not a cash shop or gangsters... I should just ask her but dread what she might say, it's not big money but still BS.
  9. I'm not sure what is funnier, asking for financial advice on here, or thinking 5k is 'money' Tks for the laugh though.
  10. I wouldn't bother with any of it. What's the point.
  11. It's just an utter disaster, I am utterly sick of everything now. Also sick of wearing these damned muzzles and being looked at like I'm evil personified if heaven forbid the thing isn't covering my nose.. Answer me this, how come the UK has approx 70000 covid cases a day still, this country now has approx 7000 a day and the UK is pretty much back to normal and we are still in this rut all muzzled up?? Both countries have similar populations.
  12. With a different company? Reason I ask is we have a ford everest on a 7 year finance and are about half way through the 7 years, so obviously no blue book. The finance is through Cisco bank., or whatever they are called. A young Thai fella from Muang Capital come to the house the other day asking for bt6,690 that the wife owes on some kind of loan that she hadn't paid, I don't know if that was for 1 month or a few months (she wasn't home at the time and she was out in the everest) He couldn't speak a word of the Queen's English, but he was saying something like they can take car/bi
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