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  1. Yes, Most smart people have done that, I am not the smartest guy but I did
  2. If there's a buck to me made they will do it ,Greed and no Shame .
  3. No problem I can transfer in Aus I have a Thai number and they say that I can Receive an OTP . But I haven't bothered for the OTP for International Transfers because they haven't said that they Fixed the problem. The bank said that there are many people who had/have the same problem. So I don't use the International transfer from the bank. I get a much better deal with Wise.
  4. Had same problem with NAB a few years ago Couldn't receive the SMS code for International transfers . Worked on this problem for Months Bank say this Ais says That . In the end it Was Is the NAB admitted that it was there System problem haven't heard from them if it's Fixed or not . Transferring via Wise now.
  5. One Has to be a crook to be accepted in Govment. Just look at the lot what's there now ,it doesn't matter what Party they are in .
  6. Same difference, one can believe what one wants. No proof for what is right or wrong. I don't believe ,someone else does.
  7. Who opened the floodgates? Police investigation underway in Pathum Thani. Maybe they should investigate Who Ordered the gates to be opened.
  8. That's what I said ,They Can't Prove it . they say so and Believe it . It means Nada. Same as Religion , means Nada Also
  9. Same as all the other Herb Meds .They All ways say ,It May Help. That means Nada.
  10. So they say ! They can't prove either way . It's between some who believe and some who don't believe . I stick with the phenomenon.
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