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  1. Internet apps whether banks or not, work without a SIM card. You can ask for verification by email.
  2. Been here 13 years, can speak the odd word and understand the same. It can't be too difficult to learn as my 3 year old grandson jabbers on in Thai, and now in English.
  3. Carabau lager is OK, @ Bht 54 for 620 ml bottle by the case.
  4. I have both and prefer the Firestick as it comes with a voice activated remote. Chromecast is all done on your phone.
  5. Buy if you need it for Immigration, to show as coming from abroad, does WU transfer show this in your Thai Bank? Wise does IF you click the Long Stay button.
  6. Except when the two other passengers in your row need/want to go to the bog every now & then.
  7. And it is even sadder that people like you think that not having the necessary financials in place, 800k or 12 x 65k, think that by giving money to an 'Agent' who bribes the Immigration Officer and probably someone at a bank their Extension is legal. It is not. I know it has been around for many years, it's just that you think it is legal.
  8. I pay 1000/500 Bht 749 with 3BB/AIS. Out in the jungle, but optic is direct into my router, included in the price. Very few problems, only after heavy wind storms.
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