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  1. And many guys buy far faster = more expensive cards than they really need.
  2. Get yourself Cakewalk by Bandlab, recording software for your PC, and off you go, Lennon Macca watch out. LOL
  3. I bought a Rolls Royce Phantom at the local tent dealer, much cheaper even though it's not the same quality as the original. Come on, you get what you pay, or do not, pay for. Get back in a month or so when you have no graphics..............oh, you can't!
  4. Yeh, but does it have a server in Guatemala like Express does? LOL 555
  5. Hey, 100 USD a year is not expensive, and it works 99% of the time.
  6. 'Officially, I have my residence at the Embassy in Bangkok' is what it said each time I read it.
  7. She could get a negative digitiser for not a lot of money and then send them to you online. Depends on how much she still loves you!
  8. Then take it in turns to have a swig.
  9. I am sure that for many Thais it is not a religious belief, they are just doing what they have been told to do and would much rather have a bevvy instead. However thankfully, it is only the SALE which is banned, not the consumption. Went to 7-11 yesterday where all the booze was cordonned off with a notice saying NO ALCOHOL SALES from 7th to 31st July. I had been in there the week before and bought some Singhas! Cheers.
  10. There are a few in the Parliament Building in Bangkok, and in London ! LOL
  11. https://www.wizcase.com/top-post/how-to-watch-zattoo-from-anywhere/?keyword=zattoo&campaignID=13138995074&matchtype=p&adgroupID=123560881603&extension=&kwd=kwd-3688096180&location=&geo=9047140&matchtype=p&device=&ad=529137715143&placement=&adposition=&gclid=CjwKCAjwruSHBhAtEiwA_qCppsj2xaEvEOFlTEjKnFd_3G9JNP7fLEa2bbgTEJc1CHlajwqnpUmYZRoCJmIQAvD_BwE So I must have Express VPN on Switzerland. Got the FREE version.
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