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  1. They obviously do not know their Saturday from Sunday. Perhaps someone forgot the Password or PIN when they turned the computer back on. 10.56. It's back on now.
  2. Yes, the transfers were Bht 1000. I do not want to do my monthly Bht 50,000 early in December if it is going to arrive as a Local transfer, so I wanted to check things out first.
  3. That was a very good idea, keep all your International/Wise stuff separate so easy for Mr IO to see.
  4. No matter what anyone 'thinks', for two years my Wise transfers to Bangkok Bank have arrived as International/FTT shown in my book and on statements. In the last week or so they have not, arriving via Kasikorn Bank as Local transfers, and so they are no good for Immigration extension purposes. I recently got an email from Wise Support to tell me that my Bkk Bank was tagged as the Primary account, which I can see online, but transfers today arrived as Local transfers via Kasikorn. Bye bye Wise!
  5. As far as I know there is no voltage at the input of the amp, and if you touch the tip of the guitar lead, it is sending a signal INTO the amp, there is nothing coming FROM the amp. If you hold both the tip and the body of the jack plug, the buzz should disappear. Of course, the ground connection on the guitar output must be connected to the tailpiece/strings, so that you are actually connecting yourself to the chassis of the amp, via the guitar lead/cord, which must be earthed via a 3 core mains cable.
  6. I do not fear death, but the actual dying process if it is going to be a long drawn out thing. If I do get into that situation, there are ways and means of easing it through. Once done, there is no afterlife, re-incarnation, just smoke up the temple chimney and some ashes in the garden.
  7. Surely the Fixed account starts on the day you open it, be it 3, 6, 12 or 24 months, and matures on the appropriate date. How can it 're-align' to your extension date?
  8. Easier than doing it in the comfort of my own home, without any Covid ridden banknotes pass through my mits!
  9. So can you actually add to the amount in a FIXED deposit account. I thought that you couldn't, it is FIXED.
  10. So do an online transfer, to the Mrs or anyone, then print out the online statement.
  11. Not if the 800k is in a fixed term account....the sum cannot be added to. And if, like me, it is in a Foreign Currency account, I can only withdraw from that without doing a GBP transfer in GBPs. As for the ATM slip you mention, are you suggesting going to an ATM, taking out Bht1000 and then putting it back? Why not do it via online banking, and then go to update your bankbook.
  12. Do the IOs expect you to have 800k in a bank account PLUS show monthly deposits of money to live on? If so, forget the 800k and just transfer 65k a month and show Mr IO that you spend most or all of it.
  13. What did the Brit and his wife actually do? Open the window to let him in. And why was someone videoing up so close to two painters on the 26th floor.
  14. Mine was in a Foreign Currency Account, which is NOT readily accessible at weekends as would a Fixed Term account as you would have to go into the main bank to withdraw from it. But it was accepted by my IO as the balance was over 800k on that day.
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