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  1. How about an option for dark mode on AN?
  2. I'd check that gold of yours for tungsten, especially if it's in bars.
  3. Okay. All of the above posters who were claiming that other Western nationalities, especially English speaking ones, behave just like this, got any examples? Outright criminal thugs, threatening a beat down on hospital staff over 8000 baht. Russian mobsters it sounds like are running Phuket.
  4. All these rich Russians. Right. Sounds like Diamond Jim, doesn't he?!?!
  5. MFP's first and only meaningful act when coming into office was to do a self purge of all its sex harassers. They did nothing else. Not serious people.
  6. Too many Euros come here without any experience with how to deal with high temperatures. Not to mention that none of them are acclimatized to it.
  7. So the business practices that put it in its current crisis will continue?
  8. The majority of Americans will crawl across broken glass to vote against him. Only his core acolytes will vote for him. And they aren't numerous enough. They appear larger than reality because they follow him around the country appearing at his rallies like Deadheads for the Grateful Dead.
  9. I remember that from my very early years as being a two or three parter on The Wonderful World of Disney. Pretty good high contrast color. But I also seem to remember some really horrible song in it that sounded like Johnny Horton Meets Halloween.
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