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  1. In one of Richard Barrow's twitter threads on the site's security breach, people are posting pictures of the database, with people's names and emails blacked out. One person said they saw "a lot of" (number unspecified) of Thai names on this foreigner registration app. I suspect that that is where it is possible many (most?) of the Pfizer doses will go: to Thais who also hold an American or other foreign passports.
  2. The Chinese simply outmaneuvered the US at every turn. For that matter, so did the French. Virtually everything the US has touched dealing with this issue in Thailand has become the subject of angry disagreement and disappointment. Meanwhile, everyone else sails right on through.
  3. Hard to handle. Difficult to ship. Complicated storage and distribution. This is like an advertisement for Chinese vaccines.
  4. Did Heath get a public thank you from Prayuth, as the UK did with its gift? Just wondering? I didn't hear it. But I miss a lot of news. Anybody know?
  5. I don't think it matters in the US. And South America and Central America seem to use Sinovac a lot. So does most of Asia. I'm guessing the Sinovac isn't good for Europe and (maybe?) Canada. I'm not going there anyway.
  6. From the time it was first announced until today, the US donation of Pfizer has been filled with controversy, arguments, and accusations (I'm not talking about this forum but in the Thai press and social media). Say what you will about the Chinese, but their donation and prioritizing of their citizens mostly went through smoothly. Personally, I can't get over the contrast: US Pfizer arrives in the middle of the night, on a DHL cargo plane, and the embassy puts out pictures of cargo handlers, fork lift drivers and cartoon characters. When the Sinovac arrived, it was during the bright of day an
  7. Even the Swiss got a better reception yesterday. https://www.nationthailand.com/in-focus/40003900
  8. That's a good question. It couldn't be an elephant, for obvious reasons. But as it is being heralded as a Biden-Harris administration donation, I suppose it could be a malformed donkey. Or perhaps a pig. Big problem when people can't even recognize your cartoon characters.
  9. I am less interested in the text than the implication of what the two photos say about what exactly the Thai government feels about the two "arrivals." One arriving at night, accompanied by a cargo handler and the other in the bright light of day with the prime minister and health minister present. If the gift of Pfizer was to show how grand and magnificent the US was, even excluding its own citizens from the donation, then that "show" was a grand failure.
  10. Compare to first batch of Sinovac arrives. http://www.chinaembassy.or.th/eng/sgxw/t1856464.htm
  11. Sinovac arrives vs. Pfizer arrives http://www.chinaembassy.or.th/eng/sgxw/t1856464.htm https://th.usembassy.gov/1-5-million-pfizer-vaccine-doses-donated-by-the-united-states-arrive-in-thailand/
  12. The funny thing is Heath actually thinks he is scoring one against the Chinese by saying this. The Thais meanwhile make Chinese vaccines their main alternative, go into a partnership with China to develop an mRNA vaccine, order submarines, trains, and 5G networks from China. Remember the public demonstrations of the Thai Police "We Stand with Wuhan!"
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