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  1. Then why do we have another topic in the Thailand News forum with a headline about Pfizer starting work on an Omicron vaccine. That would certainly imply that their existing vaccine isn't up to snuff.
  2. What's happened to all the pronouncements from Dr. Yong? I thought he was supposed to be the "Top Doc" around here. He seems to have vanished.
  3. I encountered a taxi driver in Bangkok a few years who was called John Wayne. The reason was he learned English watching John Wayne movie and, yes, he sounded like John Wayne when he spoke. Maybe make Thai students watch more John Wayne movies in class.
  4. Ranking done by a for profit company with a dubious reputation. Owned by a Swedish billionaire. https://www.forbes.com/sites/maxjedeurpalmgren/2018/08/23/meet-the-billionaire-college-dropout-whos-teaching-the-world-english/?sh=3b597a67332d
  5. Seems any mention of Pattaya only generates giggles and sarcasm.
  6. Maybe the US should change its mind and turn around and invite Thailand to the meeting. Still excluding China, of course. I wonder how the Thais would deal with that? After making a fuss about not getting an invitation, they need to choose to go with the US and its meeting or stand with China.
  7. Ordinarily, I would agree with you. But the statement from the Thai foreign minister this time has upped the level to what I consider to be antagonistic. He actually sounded like a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, instead of a Thai one. This is the language that China has been using about the US. Finally, when have you ever heard a Thai foreign minister take this tone and this level of an insult towards China?
  8. I think Thailand's lack of an invitation is acknowledgment that the country is now considered a satellite of China.
  9. Is this another way of saying, dual pricing along with all the other usual scams are being "retained?"
  10. So the hotel quarantine, transport charges, and insurance still remain in place, with all of it going through the Thailand Pass. The only thing different is the test, I guess, which has been changed, not dropped.
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