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  1. More to the point Israeli government ignores UN and US policy decisions if contrary to their wishes = been going on for years e.g. Settlers in West Bank and administrative detention without trail. l
  2. One of the outcomes for being treated for ongoing prostate cancer in the OP topic is under going hormone treatment to reduce tostestorone. It is unpleasant as one experiences loss of self image
  3. In the same tone as your post. "Tripe", the guy is a bottom feeder.
  4. Nationalism and associated divisive politics has never had a happy ending. Farage is yet another revolting sycophant of trump. This is the eight time Farage has tried to get elected as an MP - I sincerely wish he fails again.
  5. To put matters into perspective a report from Europol: In 2022, 16 terrorist attacks took place in the EU and an additional 12 attacks failed or were foiled. While the attacks directly affected seven Member States, more Member States arrested suspects in terrorism-related cases. Tragically, four people were killed in terrorist attacks in the EU, two resulting from jihadist attacks and two from a right-wing terrorist attack. We honour the memory of all those lost to terrorism in 2022 and in previous years. Member States continue to view jihadist terrorism as the most prominent terrorist threat to the EU despite the fact that the number of jihadist attacks has decreased compared to 2021 and 2020. The threat from right-wing terrorist lone actors, radicalised online, remains significant. Left-wing and anarchist terrorists and violent extremists continue to pose a threat to public safety and security in the EU. https://www.europol.europa.eu/cms/sites/default/files/documents/European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend report 2023.pdf
  6. I responded to a member who referenced le Pen as the best for France. I disagree, extremism is never the answer. France is already on the right track by deporting Islamist Imams; an example... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-68378736
  7. For years le Pen has been pro Putin, now getting closer to power changing her tune somewhat. I would never trust her. https://www.lemonde.fr/en/les-decodeurs/article/2022/04/21/what-are-marine-le-pen-s-ties-to-vladimir-putin-s-russia_5981192_8.html#:~:text=Since January 2011%2C she became,human rights and international law.
  8. Many have condemned Israel for continuing mass killing of civilians. Personally I question the necessity - seems to be politically motivated to keep Netanyahu in power. The Israelis were well aware of civilians in the area due to being declared a safe zone' To be blunt after declaring the safe zone and civilian member/s of my family were killed I too would be willing to pick up a rifle. It is known killing of family civilians / friends contributes to those joining in military action. Have to wait and see if Israel's action will lead to further wilful killings of hostages by the likes of Hamas.
  9. Good news, four hostages rescued in good medical health. On the downside heavy civilian deaths and injuries. IMO Israel is losing good will with it's continuous mass killing and injuries of civilians. From the above URL... In a news briefing, a spokesman for the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital said at least 55 killed people and dozens wounded were brought to the barely functioning medical facility following the Israeli attacks on Deir el-Balah.
  10. A number of senior people in military and so on state removing Hamas militarily is not viable, but a diplomatic solution is the way to go. Have to see how events in Gaza unfold over the coming 6/12 months.
  11. From Ireland's announcement: Ireland recognises the State of Palestine in the spirit of peace in a coordinated announcement with our friends and colleagues in Spain and Norway. All three countries have confirmed it's a coordinated Statement. Accordingly, all three support the following position from Spain... “Furthermore, this decision reflects our absolute rejection of Hamas, a terrorist organization who is against the two-state solution,” https://apnews.com/article/eu-palestinian-state-spain-israel-gaza-6efe351e53761befc2c539c535bbcc0c
  12. The above misrepresents the policy of the three nations. It has been clearly stated they support recognition of a Palestinian State so long as Hamas are not in power in Gaza. For the moment they are suggesting the Palestinian Authority, though of course there will many requirements to be put in place for this to occur. In no way does the diplomatic move "reward" Hamas, quite the opposite..
  13. Digging deeper and deeper into the cult of personality - incomprehensible. Just read Republican representatives booed Capital police who were present on Jan 6th who were being recognised by the Pennsylvanian State House. Goes to show the awful influence of trump, yet you and others still support him. trump is utterly unfit to represent the Office of the President of the USA. Officers who defended the Capitol on Jan. 6 booed at Pennsylvania state House. Republicans jeered at former Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn and former U.S. Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell as they were visiting the state House. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/officers-defended-capitol-jan-6-booed-pennsylvania-state-house-rcna155964 Will not respond any further to you.
  14. trump is acknowledged as a threat to democracy, undermining institutions and alliances to the detriment of the Western world. Anyone employing advisers who are aligned to white supremacy (e.g. Stephen Miller) and others such as Steve Bannon are unworthy to represent the Office of the US Presidency and represent a crystal clear threat. Personally I find it incomprehensible anyone can support trump to be President of the USA.
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