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  1. Those arriving internationally mostly have mNRA vaccinations and are required to take 4 PCR tests. Domestic people coming to Phuket, mostly vaccinated with Sinovac, take 1 less reliable rapid test. It's all so frustratingly stupid.
  2. For two or three years before I retired at 62, I carefully tracked my expenses using a financial app. I literally added every expense from a Starbucks coffee to holiday expenses. I needed a good understanding of what I was spending. I also knew that some expenses (e.g., travel) would increase when I wasn't working since I would have much more free time, but others (e.g., work clothes, gas for the car) would go down. I was in a fortunate position since I spent the last 3 years of my career working in Thailand. That allowed me to more easily estimate my likely expenses (which turned
  3. I have a condo in Phuket, and did the Phuket sandbox in July. Your final PCR test on day 12 (results on day 13) will be valid for travel to Bangkok. I had several sandbox friends who used that final test as proof for travel. There are now a few daily flights to Bangkok so I don't think getting there at the end of sandbox will be an issue. I have Cigna insurance and with an extra letter from them, it covered the COE requirement. Assuming you have insurance, you might already be covered. The required insurance must be valid until your extension expires on 19th February 2022.
  4. Only 9 sandbox arrivals out of 33,000 were positive on the day 12 test. That's 0.02%. They obviously picked up Covid in Phuket since they were negative for the previous 3 test. Domestic arrivals are tested only once. There is no medical or safety reason that double vaccinated and tested international arrivals need to remain in an SHA+ hotel beyond the day 6 test.
  5. The driver's license building is open. I went on Tuesday since my first my 2 year license was expired and hoped to get it renewed for a 5 year license. I had my Certificate a Residence (free), medical certificate (200 baht), copies of my passport/extension, and proof that I had successfully completed the online video, which allows you to skip watching the required video. There were few people there and no queue. Since I only had to do the color blind and reaction test, I'd hoped I could get my license that morning. Nope. The person at the desk looked at my documents and stapled a
  6. I stayed at the DoubleTree Hilton in Patong. There was no one monitoring when I came and left the hotel. How would hotel staff even know if you went to sleep at 9pm, 11pm, 1am, 3am or 5am? With the sandbox you are free to come and go as you'd like. The requirement is a daily QR scan, not an evening sign-in and sign-out. I slept at the hotel sometimes because I figured I might as well use their free air con and shower. I also pulled back the bedding. Whether or not I slept there, I had breakfast at the hotel and completed my scan then. I had a friend staying at the Westi
  7. Based on my experience with the Phuket sandbox, my guess is that you'll be required to book an approved BKK hotel for 14 days and check in with a QR code once per day. You'll also have to take the required PCR tests. You only have to stay in the hotel for a few hours after arrival pending the airport PCR test. After that you are free to go where you'd like. You also don't have to sleep in the hotel. If it's like Phuket, you could stay at your home and just go to the hotel once per day to get your QR scanned.
  8. The 90 day reports don't seem to be stopping these criminals. So why are they required?
  9. When I drove down Bangla just before 6 pm (when they close the street to vehicles), I counted 15 "restaurants" open. Just a handful of customers in each place but plenty of paper cups on the tables. Most didn't seem to even be pretending to serve food.
  10. For the Phuket sandbox you must check in using a QR code once per day at the hotel (or hotels) listed on your COE. When I was in the sandbox in July, there was no other requirement and no one watched or cared if you slept in the bed. I did get a call from the hotel one day when I hadn't had the QR scanned by 4 pm so they do monitor (and are required to report) those who don't check in. You must also have PCR tests at the airport and on day 6 and 12.
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