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  1. As I said, something swooshy with Lambo-like bling.
  2. True. The styling and trim is sufficiently in your face while remaining understated. However, the local yokels will be trawling the car accessory shops and it won't be long before a fake plastic grill is stuck on the hood. But first, they'll ditch the totally adequate and appropriate stock treads and classic black rims for something swooshy with Lambo-like bling. From your last comment, I take it you've never driven a Beemer? Only a wind-up. I am a proud and happy serial Ranger owner-operator and yes, the Toyota ride versus the Ranger is a chalk-and-cheese affair.
  3. Ah yes, Stephen Leather's timeless epistle for the weak-willed and the witless.
  4. Mehhh... why not just bite the bullet and plant the Godzilla, 7.3L, V8 in the Raptor? Now THAT really would be the Ford Rapture.
  5. Welcome the Childless Misanthropes 'r' Us thread
  6. Why? You've already stated You got a scratch that needs itching, or what?
  7. Maybe, just maybe, it's time to pull the pin and go home to Tesco's cheap milk?
  8. He's what now? What writing? Ukraine is a America's puppet and doesn't matter if they agree or not. He can see the US, NATO and their allies' waning interest. He can do this "special military operation" until the proverbial cows come home which is something the US, NATO and their allies can't.
  9. So your Pattaya routine was watching the same old guy do the same thing every morning while you were there? Didn't you find that boring?
  10. Malaysians and their foreign residents might disagree, but Fortunately.
  11. Malaysia has been on a tax grab for about 4 or 5 years already. Started before Covid.
  12. Questions about your presumed financial anonymity should be referred to the OECD.
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