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  1. ...by which time the rules, regulations and requirements will have all changed. YMMV
  2. Currently you need no proof of money on your bank account for STV. But you do need proof that you don't have third stage syphilis and/or elephant leg syndrome. So you're saying that chancers don't get the clap? Amazing Thailand
  3. There has been a yellow-colored vaccination record for international travelers that's been around for decades. However, this is different from the new, yellow-colored Covid-specific yellow book that is being discussed here. The MOPH certificate you get after getting two shots that has the QR code on the top right corner contains all the information that's required for international travel. The new yellow book isn't mandatory for international travel and may be required for domestic travel, ie. requested at a check point or for access to certain places. YMMV.
  4. In Udon Thani, they stopped handling 'walk-in' customers seeking the vaccine passport (small yellow book) at the local Public Health Office about two weeks ago. They said this was due to the surge in locals wanting them. It can all be done online with the Mor Phrom app apparently.
  5. Broadly agree but for those "long stay tourists" who do not have a disposable income, can't afford the full "experience" and just come and squat in Thailand longtime on the dirt cheap, I categorize them as chancers.
  6. $100,000 was considered too rich before but thousands still managed to get it. I assume that you would prefer $0 health coverage, take your chances and screw everyone else?
  7. The perils of not checking if a product offered is current and purchasing online via a third party prevail. This isn't a criticism BTW but if something looks like a bargain, it may be because it is no longer being manufactured. This is particularly true where laptop manufacturers seem to update their product range almost as often as smartphone makers do. Back on topic, I think the refund will post within 45 working days. My experience with retail, both online and in the shop is they will always quote the worst-case time frame. The funds will post much sooner than expected. Have pat
  8. Does the coronavirus identify victims by type of holidaymaker and social or marital status? Silly question.
  9. Um, it does... https://www.bbc.com/news/health-56904993#:~:text=Those given a first dose,than unvaccinated people%2C PHE found. "A single dose of a coronavirus vaccine can reduce household transmission of the virus by up to half, a [single] study shows. ... Health Secretary Matt Hancock [who?] described the study's results as "terrific news". ... The [single] study, which has yet to be fully peer-reviewed, included more than [just] 57,000 contacts from [only] 24,000 households..." Cherry-picked from last April when the UK was straw clutching in the
  10. Chooks schmooks. The time to get worried is when they all suddenly go silent.
  11. No they are not. The vaccine prevents the recipient from getting hit by the more severe and life threatening symptoms. It does not make anyone less infectious. Just like the annual flu shot, it never has and never will. Now go sit in the corner and face the wall.
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