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  1. Thanks for sharing. Im very curios about 1 thing though. In both of your cases there are people lied. So were there any punishment for that? Because in these kind of things telling lies is a crime if im not mistaken. At least its in my country. So did police did anything about this? At least a warning to them? Stories i heard also similar stories to yours. Always tries to blame farang. And sometimes they beg farang to help them and accept the fault because they are poor, etc. Thanks god 14 years driving in thailand and no accident yet. Agreed dash cam is a
  2. I might be wrong about the uk. Sorry about that. But yes in my country its not allowed. Well, the thing is if you give your car to someone and if he hit and run, how can you prove that it was not you who was not driving that?
  3. Where did i say its wrong or else... i just asked if its ok to drive someone's car or not when you get involved to an accident... you drunk?
  4. yep, only the person who has the name on the car register can drive. if the police catches you they call the owner to the spot and ask the owner to take the car. And they give a ticket to you. This is for safety reasons. Imagine someone is driving your car and involved into a hit and run.. who the police will first come? And how can you prove that you were not driving the car.
  5. what are you on? too much yaa bha? dude, in my country only the person whose name on the registration of the car can drive. If you drive someone else's car you must pay fee and police park at the spot they caught you till the owner of the car comes. its a law. I do believe this is also kind of same law in the UK too. which part of this BS and why all my post is idiotic? I think everyone sees whos the BSer here, troll and idiotic..
  6. Hi guys, one of my friends is looking for any engineering background people to teach at a university in Bangkok. Salary and conditions are really good. If you are or know anyone please contact me sending a message. thanks
  7. Hi guys, I was wondering what is going to happen to me if i involved into a car accident. I heard few really disturbing things from some of my farang friends here. Mostly they told me Dash Cam saved the day and even though had really difficult times to prove things. So let's make a situation: Let's say i involved into a car accident a) not my fault b) my fault what's the regulation? Am i going to be in trouble because i am driving someone else's car (my wife, friend, etc.) Because you cannot drive other's car in my country, is it same in Thailand? Let's say a) have a thai driv
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