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  1. its interesting.. cant feel a thing, perhaps they didnt inject nothing? sleep better, feel stronger... had 2nd one.. even better.... give me everyday thanks...
  2. As for investments as opposed to my short term trading... I comment on BTC .. (bitcoin) all the hype news.. I say its a <deleted> of a chart (I am a chartist) but as an investment its hard to ignore... sure if elon farts it might drop 50 % but... considering inflation is eronding our cash, and the fact the govsare printing paper money against fund they dont have (like the old gold) are you really comfortable haveing your life savings floating in the bank? erroding at inflatioary rtes of 8%/year? just look at my charts and simple buy on dips.... anyways, again, just givin
  3. Just giving back to this site as a thanks for all the helpful people here , like ubonjoe over the years... thanks. I am a trader.. I not sure I posted this in the correct area... anyways.... the THN has dropped... the TH gove will most likely intervene and inject to ptop it up, so now is a good time to move funds at a good price. Transferwise is very good for small amounts.. nice how you can lock in rates for 24/72 hours.. but dont play around too much or get banned... AU/THB keeps pushing up.. I waiting for the top... As for big money you can actually nefotiate wit
  4. really? its a checvkpoint.. all drive slow... whats thins? some dream or what? just shows news is full of <deleted> as usual
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