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  1. i know of many countries who DO WANT tourists, and do not require insurance. Brazil, for example, had this requirement and recently cancelled it. mexico, panama, portugal, even USA do not require insurance. the deal is simple - you go to hospital - You PAY.
  2. well, with all due respect, i meant that no country require insurance from first world EU/US tourists. the EU require insurance from thailand and other poor countries, to prevent abuse of their health system by poor thai. other poor touristic countries do not dare to ask for insurance becase, simply, they want those euro /dollars tourists.
  3. I MEANT my same passport is eligible for visa exempt, and i do mean to come back for 30 days only...so in this case, will i be able to buy insurance for 30 days only?
  4. i applied to LINEPAY service two months ago. they asked me to upload my passport foto and face foto. than i was waiting for their approval. no result, called their call center. had to hear 200 times a message saying : SORRY BUT WE WILL BE CLOSED FROM JULY 3 TO JULY 5 FOR BLAH BLAH...but now it is october....so expect same same with the computer pass. i am sure it is going to be one hell of a mess.
  5. WHY not require insurance? because no country in the world require insurance from tourists! so if thailand want to stay competetive, it has to be so. and it does not mattar for the "foreigners who don't pay". if they do not pay they do not get treated. that simple. that is what all the world is doing.
  6. they give the world a discount. don't you get it? millions of people all over the world are now reading it and cheer YEEEHHHH, THAILAND GAVE US A LOWER INSURANCE REQUIREMENT !! BUT seriously, i want to ask for how long the insurance has to be valid? say i have a non-O visa for another 8 months, but also carry a passport that allow me visa exempt. can i buy insurance only for , say, 30 days, or will the thai embassy / computer/ IO will tell me: NO YOU MUST HAVE INSURANCE FOR 9 MONTHS ??
  7. WHAT the heck is wrong with this country? don;t they want to breath? why can't they fix this air allready?
  8. those kind of questions /questunairees are coming now from banks all over the world. nothing personal against you, allthough indeed very annoying and disturbing. Obama's heritage. my advice to you is not to take it hard, but to complete the form. it is just a formality. the bank will not give up. they might close your account if you refuse to answer. i played with one bank and refused to sign such form. they threatened to close my account and i still refused. they blocked my account for transfers and i still did not do anything. than they opened all but came back few months
  9. THE sad reality is that...no one will come ! it will be the same people coming in and out of thailand !!!
  10. my advice to you is to forget about cheques. cheques are usually used locally. for international transfer the way to go it TT and it can be done over phones / faxes, allthough it might be a but hard with your local bank.
  11. they do not have to accept anything. they can even refuse your account all together and give you a cheque with the balance on it. you better start by calling the UK bank and ask your questions.
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