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  1. use the 13 digit 60000XXXX number on your certificate then your mobile number you supplied when first registering. mobile No.
  2. Did you not get a signed and stamped hard copy after your second jab ?
  3. Waiting for the T.V. cameras to arrive , then the bosses spring into action.
  4. Does anybody understand the survey now been done when you open the MorProm app. Is there an alternative English setting ?
  5. Doctors think from a medical point of view , where politicians think from a " if I disagree with the boss will I get the sack ".
  6. Mine wouldn't work either , kept saying phone number was wrong. I always check stuff like this before leaving establishments. I showed one of the vaccine admin girls, she took my details and came back 20 mins later and it was working. I think somebody had entered my phone number incorrectly into the system.
  7. Where there's muck there's money , never be afraid to get you hands dirty boy.
  8. This guy has come out on Twitter , he says he knows Hamilton from their younger days.
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