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  1. Geeze, you guys are little insensative. This OP is obviously looking for advice, chicken legs is the only positive reply. All you other funny guys, I would like you all to join this post, it's out of this world. The OP (will be good) story is like reading a fiction novel, lots of angles and direction, always the right response from comments and the headline that draws you to the story. More twists and turns than that of Coronation Street Have a dig at this Joker https://aseannow.com/topic/1236037-a-nightmare-is-unfolding/page/15/
  2. Yes, I agree. Strange for reading this rubbish. I want my 10 minutes back that you wasted of my precious time reading this post.. BTW, your numbers look great
  3. This entire post is a scam We've all been suckered in. Look at the heading 'a nightmare is unfolding' 13 pages of <deleted> I reckon the Mods should close this post now, we've all had a chuckle but enough is enough. He's got what he wants, his numbers and lots of them.
  4. He's made it clear he doesn't buy property in Thailand, one of those anti Thailand property owners, a renter only, it's his wife's land. He probably hasn't any got any money or not educated.
  5. The property is located Nakon No..where It will never sell These properties have no buyers Be better off walking away and coming back in a few months/years when the Karaoke shuts down. No guarantees, the noise won't return
  6. I've read many of your comments, you comment regularly. But I have never read anything positive or constructive from you. Anyway, all this best if this post is true, not something I would like to experience.
  7. I haven't got a favorite, love them all. Not a big fan of Archa
  8. Geeze, look at all these members who would be happier elsewhere. Sad to see, unbelievable.
  9. So HAPPY, Love it Thailand has been my home for over 20 years Wouldn't be anywhere else. I have teenage children that were born in Bangkok hospital Pattaya, grew up in the same house, been going to the same schools. We are lucky here in Pattaya, excellent schools, world class hospitals, wonderful shopping centers and many things to do with the family. Over the years I've been working in many countries around the world on a 28/28 day rotation. I'm an Australian, it's so much easier to fly, get to work from Bangkok Airports. I've been fortunate, not sure if I'd still be al
  10. Nothing, it's the incompetent fools that drive on it. Mr Pichet conceded that frequent accidents occur at the site mainly due to cars travelling at high speeds and navigating the sharp curve in a reckless manner. What a waste of money, get rid of the idiots, I read an early post regarding foreigners having accidents (deport them), driving recklessly. Put the money towards the poor and needy, it's a lot of money, too many homeless could use the handout.
  11. The three L`s Location Location Location You're located Nakon No...where. Sadly, you may have to just walk away. Realestate is an amazing asset, you really need to switched on to master it. I bought my first house in pattaya 20 years ago. I've signed over a dozen housing and condo contracts here in pattaya (city side of Sukhumvit) over the years, sold a few over the years, always at a profit and always promptly. Never purchased on the dark side. To all interested in purchasing property, wherever in the world, neve
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