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  1. Maybe not in Thailand, definitely gay in Australia. Around the city PCX Out on the Sukhumvit and beyond xDiavel.
  2. You are in for a treat, your path is a long one, be prepared for obstacles, you will be dealt lots of weird and stupid stuff.
  3. Sorry, I forgot some of you guys like big, ladyboy feet. Not me.... My girlfriend has the cutest, perfect girl feet. She was offended by your comment.
  4. Oh, you are one of those people, you can't reason or have normal conversation so you resort to name calling.
  5. Good luck mate. This posting is in ladies forum, Mods should change to Pub forum. Funny reading. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  6. It's only your own comparison, it happens, doesn't bother me. There are quite a few here who can relate to this, it's why we have so many complainers and moaners here, it's their choice, their life. You're not making any sense, you really don't understand. These girls live with their baby, under the one roof, the house has no internal walls or ceiling, just a roof with external walls and an outdoor toilet, with their parents and siblings. These people are the poorest of the poor. They barely have enough money for food and electricity, they haven't got money to start up a business, $10 is alot of money for them. Most are uneducated, they have got no business sense.
  7. And what would that vetting process be, give a few examples. Tell me more, what are some of the other options.
  8. If the boyfriend lies to the girl, - telling her to have a baby, - I will give you my salary, - I will be with you forever etc., then he disappears, what's your solution? What's with you guys, adding the honesty thing? 🤔
  9. My girlfriend has a baby, the father of her baby pays her no money. She works at a supermarket in Pattaya gets paid 12,000 baht a month, sends 5000 baht a month to her mother for taking care of her baby in Ubon, a few thousand baht for milk, nappies etc., then she must pay for transport to and from work and food for herself. She pays for clothes and medication for her and her baby. I often buy her items, new shoes for work etc., because she just doesn't have money to buy essentials. How much do you think she has left of her salary each month? She lives with me, she doesn't pay for accommodation, electricity or water. These jobs outside of the sex industry you talk about, how much salary do they pay for these young mothers without university education? Some of these Thai young mothers don't have a choice, they must work in the sex industry. Feel free to belittle the female sex workers in the west, understand it's different in Thailand. I've had this argument before with you but you just don't get it.
  10. I would have strange dreams taking malaria tablets when working in Angola. Very strange dreams, blood and guts and if I remember one dream that had your old neighbor in it. 😂
  11. A Penis. I was sat at the bar on soi Buakhao and this guy tells me he wanted to try a Ladyboy because he wanted to perform oral sex (suck a c@ck). 😨 I can't believe he told me that, bloody weirdo.
  12. I see you commenting negatively at times regarding these working girls. You seem bitter, have you been screwed over by a working girl and hold a grudge. Get over it
  13. Sadly, some of the young girls have to work in the sex industry because they have a child and the fathers run away and do not support their child. Unlike Australia, your wages are garnished if you run away. These poor girls have no choice. Some people here need to be honest with themselves.
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