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  1. Might be better if 14 year olds were excercising a brain instead pf riding around expanding their personal sovereignty
  2. If reservations were high or coming in, no doubt TAT would have made a statement on how many thousands already booked and how much money Thailand will make . Silence on the matter indicates it’s not taking off. Personal opinion the reason for slow response is bars being closed
  3. I have to say, i am glad i was wrong. My prediction was he went on the run to make all the right payments and it will will turn out, victim has some precondition or something along the lines. So either he did not pay enough or the bosses found out he was skimming or whatever happened, but appears he was thrown under the bus without any brakes given at all. Not that he does not deserve it, but rest assured this was not his first time, its just got caught for the first time and bosses were well aware but did nothing
  4. Why do people spout nonsense and every time bring up Israel as if to make their case any more truthfull. Israel had an outbreak because only 60% are vaccinated ad outbreak was in un vaccinated. Most in serious condition were unvaxed. Israel decided to do a booster and it had a positive affect, as those getting the the 3rd booster were elderly. In addition more people got vaccinated bringing total to 61.9% and now Astra has also been approved and to be given to those with medical condition and unable to receive mRNA vaccine
  5. A lot of the country is not affected by the Covid at all, some provinces have few to zero cases. Naturally hard hit provinces would be vaccinated first leaving hardly affected to last
  6. Good progress but little untruthful, 70% of people who are registered in Bangkok are vaccinated, not 70% of all people living in Bangkok are vaccinated.
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