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  1. I still can not get over how easily they throw numbers around , as if 1 million dollars is a spare change. Very fee would have a million dollars in cash to spare to invest in Thailand just to live in Thailand but to then it’s like a few thousand baht
  2. Keep in mind your visa status is dependant on you keeping that 30 million investment , just like investment visa . Go below required amount and your visa is nulled, change investment and need to change visa
  3. How is 1 000 000 baht 20 year visa selling? Did bright bulbs think charging 30 times more will attract more people? or they just can not use a calculator? 1 000 000 gets you 20 year visa, another 1 000 000 gets you another 20 years, total 40 years for 2 million baht 30 000 000 baht gets you 30 year visa. Geeeee, i wonder what is a better choice
  4. by not telling people the full breakdown and only reporting number of infected they trying to imply all 15000 are sick needing medical. Have a customer, Thai, her sister tested positive, no symptoms at all, got forced into a hospital for 14 day, received no treatment, but her insurance covered entire stay, Her company made tests for all staff and a few tested positive, same thing, all were hospitalized for 2 weeks, no symptoms. full say covered by insurance. I have not denied Covid existence, nor its POSSIBLE killer capabilities, but all information is there for anyone
  5. So explain to me just a few posts ago you stated hospitals are over ran by critically sick, you stated government does not force anyone with mild syndromes into hospitals and now you stating field hospitals are for mildly sick and running out of beds So which one is it? and which one of us is trolling? Number of infected risen 15 times, number of critical doubled, as per your own statistics Just because government is incapable of efficiently and effectively deal with the problem, it does not make problem itself all that dramatic. Way of dealing with it, make
  6. So according to your own stats, 4000 people filled up all hospital beds, fields, hotels and everything else turned into a hospital?
  7. It has nothing to do with being a denier, but realist. as per statistics posted, only 3% are in critical condition, 80% do not require any medical attention at all. Thai health authorities continue to force people into hospital beds when there is no need for them to be there. If they could concentrate on the critical instead of filling up the beds with people who do not need to be there, things will get better. Other countries, including beloved UK has by far higher number of people testing positing on daily basis, its all about being efficient
  8. When health authorities stop putting people in the hospital/or field hospital or hotelhospital or whatever names they come up with, when there is no need for them to be there, then things will look a lot different.
  9. 4000 patients is little different to 15000 tested positive on daily basis, But do not let facts get in a way of good fear monegring. 80% of people who tested positive, ie 80% of 15000 daily cases do not need any medical attention, but lets brush that aside and concentrate on 4000 in critical condition for entire month, ie lets brush aside 97% but concentrate on 3% , much better
  10. Thanks for that , all over sudden total picture is less dramatic than saying 15300 cases. 80% of those either have no symptoms or very mild.
  11. I would like to see daily statistic to include how many needed hospitalisation and how many were only positive without any symptoms
  12. I am Sorry to say but this food give away do not feed truly needy. But does provide for freeloaders truly needy do not have motorbikes to get to the beach nor have the money for public transport to get there and back. in all those queues you see people on their smart phones checking FB or watching YouTube . So they have money to fill up their bikes , have money to keep their smart phones, have money to top up internet but they need free food? The really needy sleeping in back sois under a tree and walk around digging through rubbish bins pushing a trolly not
  13. I am not an expert on the matter but a few things -You can not ask police to anything because on the paper you are a nobody - mother on the other hand should be able to press charges . Even if Mr A is on birth certificate , he does not have sole custody and mother can claim he stole the baby - I have a feeling papers she signed was not to put him on birth certificate but to put baby up for adoption. - I would get a lawyer and send mother along with the lawyer to police station to file charges IF papers she signed was NOT for adoption - Same lawyer can take other guy t
  14. Ok, maybe you can explain why and how Panadol works faster and better than some generic cheap brand with 100% identical ingredients, same applies for clarytine, and a dozen more that I I have personally tried and tested to see the difference
  15. Would appear hard restrictions having no affect, perhaps time to ban all alcohol sales , as everything else has been applied and failed . before one of the alcoholics has a fit, it was sarcasm, clearly has nothing to do with alcohol , bar closure did nothing to stop it, limiting alcohol sales did nothing to stop it, banning alcohol sales in the restaurants did nothing to stop it and alcohol restrictions was first thing they did
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