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  1. Yes, no point in saying too much until you have cornered the market!
  2. There is little point in making the required investments to gain a position of power, if one does not exercise that power...
  3. Hypocrisy and flaunting the law have long been trademarks of this outfit, but they are overreaching themselves quite magnificently when it comes to this matter! Is there an underlying motive? Perhaps they want to quite simply gain total control in of the whole scene?
  4. I suspect that any "legal casino" will be like the Cambodian Sihanoukville affairs - strictly for foreigners. That is why places like Hua Hin and Pattaya are being talked about - easily sealed to create special zones, adjacent to airports to fly in the punters. The existing arrangements, patronised by the Thais will continue, controlled by the same agencies.
  5. How long before Chinese warships are docked in Sattahip? I should imagine that the salvage and rescue ships will arrive, oh, about two weeks after the first submarine is delivered.
  6. They are unable to say which border crossings will reopen, or when, but are able to say that 424,703 workers will enter! You know there is something about Thai government statistics, I cannot quite put a finger on it but...
  7. It is very, very, simple. The big booze producers have lots of political clout. The small bar owners and restauranteurs don't.
  8. What is BTC? I thought that they were the British Transport Commission - the long defunct quango which oversaw British Railways and the National Bus Company!
  9. It looks like Mr Anutin had a lucky escape the other day then - I understand Switzerland is absolutely rammed with restaurants serving booze!
  10. I particularly liked the concept of throwing a loaded, cocked automatic weapon 12 metres off a tower to land at the feet of the bloke standing below!
  11. Well he should know, he has spent the last few years meandering around the capitals of the world as the amiable political emissary of a government with less than convincing democratic credentials!
  12. It does rather depend on the crime though doesn't it? Child sexual abuse for example is chargeable and can be dealt with by UK courts. Draping yourself in the national flag, however inappropriate some may consider it, would not.
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