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  1. A run on the Baht is very likely to be the thing that sparks a coup.
  2. Almost certainly there are individuals/agencies scrambling to get their grubby paws on the stuff. I'm also pretty sure that there will be moved to concentrate the distribution to areas of "particular economic interest to those with influence"!
  3. All of which are adjuncts to prayer, not necessary for it. At it's most fundemental prayer is your communicating with your deity or faith. Perhaps that is what the good doctor is suggesting. As a left footer I would (do) use rosary beads, and formulaic prayers which are specific to my faith, however they are by no means the only channel.
  4. I'm no theologian, but it is my understanding as a "left footer" (RC) that the Churches doctrine is that if you pray you are demonstrating faith, which is recognised by Almighty God. Opinions will of course differ as to whether it does any good. It certainly does no harm. To mock or deny recourse to prayer to people in desperate straits is really cruel - a form of nihilism?
  5. Well I don't know - never heard of it until the doctor despatched me to surgery last Monday. That was what he called it anyway. Certainly trashed my body.
  6. I hate to sound melodramatic but I am currently lying immobile in a hospital bed having had half my right foot cut away in a ( successful it seems) attempt to defeat sepcis. I have a massive open wound on the top of my foot, the tendons are exposed for mote than 6 inches. Wound dressing time is 9o'clock. It is <deleted> agony for me and the three or four others with similar traumatic surgical wounds. If you heard our screams ( there is a limit to the amount of morphine they can give us); If you had to suffer it, or listen to grown men crying as I have for the last week you wouldn't be so
  7. Not least because when that time comes, if the runes are not favourable, it will be useful to postpone the election. And so on, a neat catch 22!
  8. I think that there is a very simple explanation. Cash. Thailand has lied so much now about vaccines that it has lost all credibility, and they simply aren't trusted. The manufacturers will only take orders when the cash is on the table. Hence, effectively, relying on government donations and Chinese credit. Cash is limited, there are just so many other people, groups and purchases planned with calls upon the pot ( I nearly said "trough" there!). If those taps were to be closed to pay for meaningful vaccine procurement then the government would lose much of it's support.
  9. There may be a number of complicating factor here, in particular language skills. If he is not fluent in spoken or written English or Thai then following the news and using the various online registration systems will be infinitely more difficult. Not all septegenerians are keyboard demons anyway. I have however a revolutionary idea - simple clean and brilliant. This gentleman belongs to a Norwegian Expat support group in Pattaya. Why don't a couple or more of those who hang out in that neck of the woods, and are clearly ;from their musings here more informed about and successful i
  10. I am sure that you will be most eloquent. It may be that leaving him with the thought that by not being transparent about any pressure or influence being brought to bear on the fair inclusion of British Subjects in the Thai national vaccination programme he does great damage to the institution he heads and the office he holds. "Diplomacy" does not preclude "transparency"! Pompous I know but it may touch a nerve?
  11. It is very much to the credit of the UK (and the US) that they are giving vaccines to Thailand. They are meant for the Thai people, and that is a good thing to do. That the Thai government may abuse the gift, and that there is no apparent attempt to insist on foreigners (Britons) being fairly included is another matter entirely. As for accountability, this should be in the hands of the electorate, an opinion and decision enforced through the ballot box. Unfortunately this government believes it has all that sort of thing comfortably sewn up.
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