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  1. I only had problems with my TCL. Their warranty repair service is bad too - they had to come 3 times and didn't properly identify or fix the problem (problem is that their IR controller overheats and then stops working). The TCL TV came with outdated firmware that didn't support the functions advertised on the box.
  2. the problem with good quality Smart TV is that they last too long. I have a Panasonic Smart TV I bought in 2015 which can't do H265, and Panasonic didn't make a newer firmware with the codec. But H265 requires more CPU, so maybe they weren't even able even if they wanted to. Software and processor are anyway the usual weak points of cheaper TV, so my best advice would be to go for a basic 4k model with good connectivity and to use a box for the smart functions. When you choose the TV, it's important to choose one that supports the latest technical standards, both in ima
  3. I'm guessing the formulation in the article is inaccurate. It's probably very difficult in a Thai bank to find persons with enough seniority to talk to the press and who also possess enough banking knowledge to correctly pass the information on, and then add the translation of an approximate formulation into English. The gaps between seniority and knowledge have caused big problems in the past such as the 1987 crash and the subprime crash, as well as most larger data management/security issues, as managers make decisions they don't fully understand.
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