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  1. Tens of thousands of bottles of wine will turn to vinegar soon without foreigners around to drink it. Prices will go back after they shift old stock
  2. What about those that got vaccinated in one country and plan to fly out with a COE from another country. Mate of mine doing this but can he?
  3. Well her husband wasn't dead 4000 days ago. She is a criminal. My country Australia has spilt families apart countless times when hubby was still alive even when highly critized by the media. Get a grip guys why should Thailand allow it..
  4. How many retirees without a bean left before next pension? How many retirees without any form of health insurance? How many retirees leaving the Thai health system to pick up the tab? How many are dying with the tax payer paying for cremation? The contribution to society is very very tiny and of course the thais know this! But reading this forum you would think the whole village must worship big bwana
  5. Just go to Phuket for 14 days and you can fly to Bangkok. Will cost you 1k for a flight. Just do it. It's an option that's tested and works.
  6. So will punters be able to fly straight to a Bangkok hotel or still has to be Phuket?
  7. The Phuket sandbox was smashed on the threads here as fantasy as well before becoming "real" There are going to be big changes if they hope to catch high season however we will have to wait for any final details. This TAT announcement would have half of it lost in translation alone as usual
  8. In a post by Richard Barrow on Facebook it also says the cost of covid test to be halved. So a drop from the current 8k.
  9. Fantastic! Finally they understand tourists are not performing circus animals.
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