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  1. Thai leaders will be looking at the US vs China. What they see is a country that has two geriatrics competing to be POTUS, a country colluding in destroying a group of people that have the effrontery to want their own land to live on, a country spending billions of $ to fight a war that is none of it's business ( no treaty ), and China, led by a ruthless party that is taking over a large part of the planet without firing a shot, but has made the lives of many of it's citizens better than before Mao ( not that I have any love for Mao, or the CCP ). Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions.
  2. Ah, the old "personal insult when got nothing better to say" attack. That's a very American response. Shall I expect a 2,000 lb bomb next? The thread is about China ( and the US ), but you seem to have overlooked that. Entirely on topic.
  3. If they were serious they have to be insane, and if they were just talking about it they are innocent, IMO.
  4. They did so as a rebuke to israel for it's war crimes and crimes against humanity, IMO. They probably know nothing will improve life for the Palestinians as long as the US uses the veto to cover for israeli atrocities. This is probably the only thing that they could realistically do for Palestine.
  5. As I said I could not find anywhere in LOS, and I don't buy stuff on line. Rough edges doesn't matter with the pipe as can get those round covers that go over the pipe just for that reason. I did smooth the sharp bits with an ordinary half round rasp to avoid damage to the plastic pipe. On the outside wall filler takes care of the rough hole, and if a large bit of concrete gets broken off, as usually happened.
  6. I never found anywhere in Thailand that sold those. I did look.
  7. Just use a very small drill hole as a guide for the larger. Putting a bit of masking tape on the tile helps avoid drill skid.
  8. Don't forget safety goggles for the helper too. You guys are obviously not good with safety precautions.
  9. Any decent hardware place sells long drill bits. Hammer drills often see large chunks of concrete break off on the opposite side, which is why you drill from the tile side. I used a lot of wall filler in my time. Luckily it comes ready made in a pot.
  10. Not that easy with the tile, and need a hammer drill for the concrete bit. As noted already start with a small bit and work up in size. For the tile, mark the outline of the pipe, drill very small holes all round the edge and use something metal and strong, like an old screwdriver to join the holes together, and remove the waste bit of tile. DO NOT use the drill on hammer on the tile, or it will get smashed- I have learned that the hard way. Use safety googles or a sharp bit of tile/ concrete may entail a visit to hospital and an operation. I know that it's possible to get a proper hole drill to use on masonry, but I never found one in Thailand.
  11. If Vlad Putin kicks off into Europe there will likely never be another election in Britain, ever ( same in most of the northern hemisphere ).
  12. If that happened Andrew or Edward might be in line. BTW, even the monarch is not above the law. Ask Henry 2 about that. Perhaps you could have phrased it differently, as in "if an asteroid killed the entire royal family, except for Harry, would he be the next king.
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