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  1. There needs to be a new subsection in Pattaya sub forum for all the comedy threads.
  2. Want to bring a fridge to Thailand?????????????? Seriously???????????? To be more clear NO.
  3. Watched another Dunst film recently, Power of the Dog which was loved by the lovies and IMO a waste of my life watching it. Melancholia looks like more of the same going by the trailer. Elizabethtown however, was a delightful Dunst film. For end of the world movies, Looking for a friend ........................( Keira Knightly ) was pretty good. Anyway, we don't need to watch movies about end of the world as we used to know it. The chaos we are living through now is IMO the end of life as we knew it writ large.
  4. They probably try to convince others to be whipped because shame likes company.
  5. Judging by the replies on the "God" thread most of the people on here are as Christian as your wife, but will probably be "celebrating" anyway.
  6. Christmas trees have sod all to do with the birth of the Christ. More likely to do with the pagan festivals that the Christians usurped. I doubt that most in many countries celebrate it for the birth of the saviour, as IMO the only god most worship now is money and greed.
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