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  1. Ive seen in Phuket landlords asking for 12 months up front,
  2. Pogba got 4 assist in the game against Leeds could do with him scoring
  3. Regardless what happens with the attacking-midfield trio, Cristiano Ronaldo is assured to lead the line and look to try and spearhead United's attempt to get the better of Liverpool in a Premier League clash for the first time in more than three-and-a-half years. Fred if fit Rashford if fit Bruno if fit
  4. I must admit the roads around Phuket are in good condition the biggest problem we have is the way people drive and ride their bikes, lots of roads have been widened and better lighting, In the area we live the biggest problem we have there is no foot paths and the roads are not that wide when you get wagons flying down the road. I do know of a guy who has been clipped a couple of times out jogging,
  5. Hey Micky lets make the fans think we know what we are doing
  6. Bruno Fernandes is a doubt for Man United's Premier League clash with Liverpool FC at Old Trafford on Sunday, who will he play? DVB does he get his chance? or maybe Lingard
  7. After reading lots of post to me it seems better in the sandbox than ASQ price wise, looking on Agoda they have some good deals in Phuket
  8. Ive not been to HY for a few years whats happened to all the m pubs, The Pub, Brown Sugar, is the Water bar still there?
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