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  1. i was only speaking for my experiences .. as a yearly expat and future full time resident over 65 i think you should reread my post .. i think you misunderstood some of it or i did not explain it well anyway OP check it out yourself you need to get the correct info to proceed .. take all this info and talk to someone
  2. a lot of this is wrong ... i am comparing it to my experience tho you can have medical a and b and live in thailand you can not use it for medical you only can pay for it and have it ready if u need to go back you can have any mailing address you want it will not affect a or b my medicare thinks i am on vacation .. i sort of am .. only covid idiots are keeping me from usa now MAYBE a fine print that says no vacation over 3 months ... not confirmed for me yet you can fill out a form and STOP medical payments part B only .. you w
  3. you are and idiot anti science anti mask probably anti vax wear your damn mask
  4. take a picture of them and then take it to security let them see you take the pic .. if they ask tell them
  5. to the next pandemic ... spanish flu to aids to covid to
  6. my big mistake was to bring electronics/electrical i did not realize thai had 220 vts ooops usa has 120
  7. i dont have any source or link .... i have a history of 2 years of covid irresponsibility ... and a complete mistrust in world goverments/people doing the right thing
  8. you watch i will be back to say i told u so .... too many idiots that are unvacinated to many idiot tourists that bar hop and ignore ALL rules ...
  9. the new covid variant will change everything .. it will hit hard everywhere .. the first to go will be the unvax
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