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  1. Just made it to Hua Hin via the Phuket Sandbox and wouldn't you know it... I need to see the dentist. 30% of a ceramic crown on a molar broke off while eating some rice porridge for breakfast. Might have been a little rock in the rice. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good dentist in Hua Hin? Looking for a (near) Western standard, if possible. If not, would consider a dentist in Bangkok or some other major Thai city. I'm not in any pain at the moment, but smaller pieces of ceramic keep breaking off. Sooner or later only the tooth stump will remain. Would l
  2. Though I have nothing to hide, I dislike the idea of being tracked any more than I already am. I haven't found a way to turn it off and as another person mentioned, it's a real drain on the battery.
  3. I haven't seen any notice that I'm required to keep it active for the length of my stay, but maybe I've overlooked something. Just asking to cover my a$$...
  4. Clearly a "click bait" title. Why is this being presented as "News"? A waste of time... By the way... This YouTuber admitted ON VIDEO that she didn't want to get vaccinated, so she acquired a blank vaccination card and filled it out herself. Her behavior should have legal consequences. But she has money, so there will be none. Automatically loses all credibility with me...
  5. My vote: Manila, by a hair. What's not to like? Masamis Oriental, a close second. Looks like a bad girl. Nice! Third, Pangasinan, because I like big hips... Joe Concepcion needs to fire his wardrobe guy. Those shoes look like he wants to climb Mount Everest.
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