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  1. Postal services all over the world has gone to dogs since this Covid thingy and expect weeks and months for items to arrive...
  2. I will be in a sandbox hotel in Phuket in a few days only to find out that my 4 star hotel doesn't have a in-house gym and the governor ordered all gym and pool hall closed now... any idea where to find an open gym in Phuket's Patong, Amphur Kathu or near by?...
  3. I need to add to my earlier post that i was helped by a kind and helpful staff lady of the Thai embassy in Canberra, K. Anoma, that took her time and patient with me and to help trough he process, also that i actually had to go out and buy a printer to be able to print, fill up a myriads of documents both from the Thai side and also permit to leave Australia otherwise it would have been very hard to submit all those forms, Such is life with Covid now...
  4. I'm one of those would be "tourist" to be in Phuket for 14 days coming from Melbourne soon to a country where i have lived for over 25 years, you wouldn't believe the hoops, loops, hurdles, costs and the paper works you have to download, fill and submit to to be able to come back to a place i call home...
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