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  1. Your not be liable to pay any in laws debts as it's a deal you made with your wife when you married her, your fault. You got to lay down the law and not let them bully and take advantage or look for a new wife. If my Thai wife put a gun in my head to demand these requirements before marriage I would tell her good luck with your next marriage.
  2. Yea, real smart having he perform exclusively in the worlds most expensive city/country.
  3. Quite entertaining scenes, at least the good news is no women got injured in this riot.
  4. Blame the corrupt Phuket police and Thai justice system for continuing for this type of actions to continue as it will never change. I bet if this Swiss elephant killed the doctor it will be justified because she was sitting on his steps.
  5. My 90 day report was due on the February 10th, I applied online on February 4th and it says it's still pending. Will they still approve it even though it expired?.
  6. I was expecting photo's of the raid to look more like this.
  7. I always have a great time in Soi Cowboy in bars that are not owned by the "Arab" which are: Crazy House, Baccara, Shark, Susie Wong, Dollhouse, Rainbow, Tilac and Long Gun. Never got scammed and girls are very hands on in these bars.
  8. Kind of reminds me of men going to Thailand to find much younger women...
  9. Yes, your right, how pathetic your supporting terrorist scum like Hamas who have no remorse for humane life and obviously doesn't give two _____ about their people. Keep justifying them like Isis as something else...lol, what about the Nazi's, what's your excuse .
  10. And executing innocent civilians including, women and children is an Hamas practice....You must have been a big fan of Isis.
  11. There is no capturing and extradition when it comes to coward terrorist's who kidnap infants and the elderly. A bullet to the head of the scumbags seems like a more reasonable outcome.
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