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  1. Even modern American cars run 60 year old technology. The ICE hasn't really changed much since they were invented, although improvements in efficiency have been made the basic inefficient principal has not. Some of us prefer to move with the times - although yeah, I am a hypocrite as I have two ICEVs and no EVs. I do appreciate the fact that EVs are far more advanced and modern though, shame you can't see that.
  2. Just pulling your leg as I know you can take it. An MGB, yes. But not an MG4 X Power or an MG Cyberster.
  3. Still banging on about that? Did your boyfriend run away with someone who drives an MG? Did you lose a drag race to one in your crappy Transam? Something triggers you about MGs specifically. Have you spoken to anyone about this? There is help available. #prayfortransam
  4. What an odd question. People sell ICEVs too to trade up for a new model. Does that mean ICEVS aren't any good?
  5. Oh my word, there is so much wrong in this post I don't know where to start, EVs are more expensive than ICEVs? Really? And EVs are more expensive and complicated to maintain? Really? Do you understand what an EV is and how it works? COnversely do you understand what an ICEV is an how it works and how often they need servicing?
  6. JB has already beat me to it, but it is an EV, hence it drives like an EV, hence people loving them. EVs are fantastic to drive - I believe that might have been mentioned once or twice. If all CS suddenly closed EV owners would be a bit screwed but not really. They can still charge at home giving them a range of 400-500kms depending. They can also plug their car into any domestic power socket anywhere for what they call granny charging. In short they can still get around. How many people have Hydrogen filling stations at home?
  7. Just a friendly tip - your posts would be much easier to read if you used paragraphs / line breaks. They are just walls of texts which makes them hard to read.
  8. Just reporting back that my TM30 submission is confirmed. Once I got over the initial registration process problem that drove me to post here for help (not giving the documents a name in the boxes) the rest was surprisingly easy. Easy to complete the registration of the house owner (my wife), and then easy to submit a TM30. I didn't receive a confirmation by email as others say they did, but easy to extract a PDF from the site that I can print and bring along when I do my extension. Well done Thai immigration, it works pretty well.
  9. Elon Musk posted this on Twitter / X this morning. Absolutely shockingly misleading! They are close to $40k - you can't include petrol savings in the list price (with small print)!! And the petrol savings are over what timespan? I generally like Elon for his achievements and vision, although dislike his ring wing nonsense. But this just seems desperate and is really shady. Imagine a train company saying London to Liverpool is £40 (rather than the £100 it actually is) because you are saving the £60 you'd have to spend on petrol if you were to drive. Tesla must be seriously hurting, and stunts like this diminish their credibility.
  10. Your last sentence is nonsense. EV owners prefer them over ICEs because they are far superior in nearly every respect: performance, comfort, technology, simplicity and running costs. That is the only reason they prefer them. If something better came along (like what?) I don't see any EV owner sticking with EVs. But what else is coming along that can compete? It's certainly not hydrogen. I came across this article today, Oh dear. Class action lawsuits pending against Toyota by people sucked in by their hydrogen misinformation. https://insideevs.com/news/708375/toyota-mirai-hydrogen-stations-close/#:~:text=Several owners have gone as,50 miles just to refuel.
  11. Just converted the 2023 version to a jpeg so it'll show in the thread.
  12. https://sea.mashable.com/transportation/32197/the-cybertrucks-failure-is-now-complete
  13. No problem buying American products? American / Western propaganda works, you are a walking talking example. Sad really.
  14. Not surprising really, they are now up against serious competition from manufactures offering much better products. Whenever I get round to buying my next car it will definitely be an EV but I wouldn't consider a Tesla for a minute - they are just not as good as their rivals.
  15. No, PDFs are fine. Hou'll see from my follow ups I found where I was going wrong and it worked.
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