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  1. Good news. I was there beginning of July Sweetie in Patong was open then some small one on the beach but i think Sweetie bar got raided by the "vests"
  2. Two weeks away. Expect same as opening of Sandbox. "Nothing Official yet, It has not been gazetteed", Just fly from Memphis to Seattle wherever no idea if you will get your COE hours before flights. After you buy $1000 worth of PCR tests and hotel rooms for a whole family, you'll be fine. A disorganized shambles where airport staff were learning new rules via emails. We need 3 copies of your certificate of SHABA. "No you don't " Same staff taking pics of every document I have. Do similar again in Doha. Is it a holiday or being extradited on murder charges? This time another govern
  3. Good luck. It can be hard to change financial ways. Some of the cheapest skinflints I ever encountered were pilots who got wealthy buying real estate, more than flying airplanes. Criminal stingy with major personality problems like a guy who rented out multiple properties on Oahu but lived in his car off of 3 day old crew meals and pocketed food from free breakfast buffets. Not all grew up poor but it is a factor too.
  4. YES. Having an arrest record UK, never should have been let in the Kingdom. For my country ban visa free travel and require FBI letter. 99 percent of the scum can be filtered this way.
  5. Are you "confused"? Just Don't put $USD 250,000 in a Thai bank. Deposit it in a rational country that does not threaten to deny you entry because you have "come too many times".
  6. Grandma, I want a puppy. "If you live with an animal you live like an animal"
  7. I had 8-10 million Baht in Bangkok Bank earning a nifty bit of interest in fixed accounts. Took almost all out after I was told I had come to Thailand " too many times" and forced into an Elite Visa programme around 2015. I will not KEEP any large portion of my funds in a country I have no right to enter. Nobody ever warned me about a virus and being locked out 10 months, I was prepared already financially but every expat needs a plan B. What is in YOUR bug out bag?
  8. One does not just go straight because some dinosaur leaves 1970s magazines around. Mayfair 1980, a "bush that could knock my Aunt Connies socks off". 2004 sex party, Bangkok bank hot woman in 30s with kids or todger waved in face ? The choice was clear.
  9. I have already been in and out during the pandemic. I'm not a tourist. If I did not have friends, property and a life there I would never return to Thailand until implementation of rational entry requirements like Germany, US, or France. Example-Free online registration any vaccinated person can complete in a few minutes.
  10. My father, a bigot, when I was about 12 left Knave, Mayfair and Hustler magazines around for me to find thinking it would prevent me turning gay.
  11. A harmless herb. The placebo effect can be beneficial especially is you have a positive attitude and supportive partners and support circles. The immune system is not so well understood. Bitterness and irrational anti-vaccine animus can't possibly help.
  12. One teacher friend in Chiang Mai, pretty dead set against vaccination was given the ultimatum but he was not willing to lose job and leave country over it. My deadline was last month. I'm not a teacher I am a pilot there is absolutely nothing my company can do about the entry requirements of sovereign nations and management won't be paying people to twiddle their thumbs at the airport. A small number are suing citing "religious objections" or other quixotic lawsuits. Imagine throwing away a USD $300,000 dollar plus career based on internet FUD pushed by people with an agenda to di
  13. "A man who tells the truth is driven from nine villages"
  14. They should market it to the anti-vaxxers in the US. They reject safe and effective vaccines but are happy to pay through the nose for dubious "theraputics". All thanks to ex Soviet foreign propaganda.
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