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  1. They don't care what you spend as long as it is at selected restaurants, attractions and shops. Following a flag.
  2. Until insurance is required for Elite also, a program Royal Thai Immigration is no fan of Thailand "Hub of moving goalposts"
  3. Milk, processed meats, white flours, hydrogenated oils and sugar The 5 dietary dead ends to be avoided
  4. Nobody has ever cared about what you do online or on your mobile all day regardless of visa just a joke.
  5. I already paid for my renewal last week my broker contacted to advise of the new $100,000 USD requirement for OA visa "beginning Oct 1" So no real change, just another nail in the coffin. A trebling of costs for me. For useless dodgy insurance I do not need as I am already fully insured, other than a paperwork exercise to satisfy Thai Immigration ond the MoFA
  6. Cue a Immigration Police squad to "pounce" on a vacationing CEO doing some business calls poolside at a 5 star BKK Hotel. Working on a vacation is illegal in Thailand.
  7. A little taken aback but it is real. I am out of Thailand for a few months and applying for a new OA in the US early nest month. I paid to renew my OA compliant policy at a discount waiting for certificate Some days ago I was e-mailed by my Ins broker in Thailand, used her a couple years already. From Oct 1 the coverage requirements are for "Inpatient + Outpatient $ 100,000 USD ". Thought it might be an upsell but there are enough links out there. covid-19 was just the thin edge of the wedge. From now on $100,000 dollar insurance to be in Thailand is permanent. Thin
  8. Not so they have been used for decades. Any Physician should be familiar for patients with medical issues who need authorization to travel by air. Alitalia MEDIF.pdf Lufhansa MEDIF.pdf Air France-MEDIF_EN.pdf
  9. I am applying for a new OA in the US soon. No idea about extensions, I was going to renew my OA compliant policy at a discount. Days ago I was emailed by my Insurance agent in Thailand that from Oct 1 the coverage requirements are for "Inpatient + Outpatient $ 100,000USD or about 3,300,000 Baht" So now I need to pay for a different redundant policy at higher cost. As I have been saying covid-19 is just the thin end of the wedge. Dubius $100,000 coverage (including corona) to be in Thailand is permanent.
  10. And travelers leaving Thailand don't need a Fit to Fly certificate so who wants to pay for one? Anutin is so out of touch with the situation probably does not know or remember a mandate for the useless document was abolished near 6 months ago.
  11. Captain Monday


    For many more years anywhere in Asia a maskless foreigner will be regarded with contempt. The only people who will call on them on it will mostly be other farangs however, or hopefully a Policeman. Maybe not?At the Sandbox this year an unmasked troll at a mask ONLY event was set upon by some men who called a police patrol on him. As soon as the cops walked away the gormless clod pulled the mask off again dismissively. The cops are lazier the the busy body westerners who called the BiB over.
  12. Good as long as they don't charge extra for it. Dr. Donna in BKK includes Fit to Fly with her test results.
  13. You are confusing a required PCR test with a Fit to Fly Certificate signed by a Doctor. Both, separate documents were required by Thailand until Apr 1 2021 Now only a preflight PCR test is required. I have seen Fit to Fly documents as a pilot for many years. They are required for very pregnant women (forget how many weeks), very sick or aged looking people who must travel with an assistant, recent surgery or accident victims with casts, pins sticking out of their bones braces etc to prove they can sit upright for takeoff for takeoff and landing, and what class of service. Nothing
  14. You can get one online from a Quack. Just like a fake vaccine certificate a prescription for medical marijoona or a Letter that says a giant untrained dog can fly free because it is a "comfort animal".
  15. So what is new for 23 years I have been putting my contact info on my arrival card? Since whenever I had to give it again as a TM-30. Fit-to-Fly must be a gaffe. No other country used that nonsense as far as I know.
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