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  1. And you know I have a friend in US such as you, always getting me to cut loose. We spent weekends together with the kids doing simple fun things. He at age 64 can't even think about retirement.
  2. My kid is doing well, better than me when working. That's just it I've realized I've got way more than I can spend even if I don't sell my 3 homes in the USA. I have a kid in Thailand and I'll take her and show her the world.
  3. See flying first class is where I draw the line, forking ridiculous prices. Barely make the 60's lane but thanks.
  4. When I drink, everybody drinks. When I pay, everybody pays. I'll be sure to hang balloons. And, party will be for 6 dotters and above. We have standards.
  5. It's hard not to feather the brake. I have family members who were at polar opposites, some never saved a penny and others saved and never used their money. I think for some saving becomes a way of life and they can't change. Me, well I'm trying to change.
  6. Flash cars and huge houses don't float my boat. Saw an old foreigner today stepping into a nice BMW SUV, probably cost more than my house but I have zero envy. So having money to spend is all relative. I'm sure his cash flow is on another level than mine. I'm thinking along the lines of spending money on international travel.
  7. All parents at our schools were asked to participate in this online poll as I'm sure parents were in most schools.
  8. Define happy. Those who have cut all ties in the home country I think can concentrate on happiness more than those of us with properties and investments in the west.
  9. You know we work hard, save. Many of my working years I would never think of buying lunch or eating out much.......cost to much. If I bring my own food to work I'll save. No car payments, bought with cash what I could afford. Maxed out my retirement fund, stayed working at a Co. because they had a pension. Did OK considering no college degree and no real plan. Brings to mind the movie "Cool Hand Luke" where he says "I never planned a thing in my life" OK so now after retiring I'm thinking <deleted> I've got to start spending. It's going to be a new world for me going to
  10. I don't deny covid, and yeah I'm against the folks preaching how safe this new vaccine is. Especially those who feel we should vaxx for others. You keep up the good fight, got a flight to catch.
  11. And it's just as possible they got it from vaccinated adults. Please stop the scare mongering. Vaxx your kids if you like.
  12. And you stop trying to jab kids with a substance which hasn't been fully studied or approved for them. Get a grip.
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