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  1. I buy shed loads of tick treatments from Tesco and end up treating most of the village dogs that come into contact with mine. It helps for a while, but no one else seems to care. I just don't want my dog bringing them into the house. Keeping the dog in the garden doesn't work either, he wants to run with his freinds, but sleep indoors.
  2. Who needs world wars when a virus can kill nearly half as many people as world war 1?
  3. Good job, Israel. But, like the French Embassy's actions, the US and UK's government actions and many other donations to this blighted country, it goes to show how badly the country is being managed. The country seems to be run on donations from other countries, even from those who are supposed to be less well developed than Thailand. The government in Thailand has no shame, and it all really comes down too the nurture side of childhood. Giving to other people is the way to make merit, so the government says these countries are making merit, and is grateful for the money they
  4. There has always been the debate about the need for drugs, their pricing and the copyright issues. Why are some drugs cheaper in some countries than others. Classic example is The disparity between some drugs prices in the US and those same drugs in Canada. The issue about doctors and health care staff being what they are and the reasons behind it has also been an issue for a long time. Since barbers were surgeons. No nurses, no aesthetics, no pills, no injections. Medicine has moved on, greed has not, and, even before the UK's NHS, some doctors were where they are because they mad
  5. Infamy, infamy...they've all.got it in for me... Sorry, had to do it. Leaving gates unguarded or unsecured is asking for trouble. There are some gates from canal to canal near me. No locks, no guards. Someone opens them 'to water their rice fields' and floods a whole village, as they forgot to close them. Drunk, as usual.
  6. Load of bullocks. Yesterday, everyone in the village hall, nissed as pewts. Today, back from Temple, same. Tonight, wifey has gone to the local bottle shop, 'to pay bill from yesterday '. She'll be back around 8pm, drunk... What alcohol ban? It just seems to encourage them more around here.
  7. There will be no floods. Thus spake his PMness. There are no floods, along the roads to Ubon and Sisaket. Just a surfeit of water. Get the boats or hovercraft out, boys...
  8. Here, where I am...went to a bar on Saturday night. Plenty of Regency. Hotpot Monday, beer there too, popped outside to a bar prior to driving home..plenty of beer and Regency there too. I don't drink while driving, but just saying, the wife and her sister were drinking as if there was no tomorrow.
  9. And nothing for anyone that took part in the coup that followed shortly therafter...
  10. Don't use it. I'm sure there are other routes to use. Just block up the side roads, maybe someone will do something about it then...
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