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  1. And there was me worrying about my 7yo son arriving home from school with lipstick on his collar.
  2. Plus 2. Gosh-Darned cheap too.
  3. Why are they allowing people to fly out of SA? I want to die of old age and not of some virus variant originating from SA.
  4. Nevermind giving out Greek letters, give a virus a name like 'Mega Death 2021', 'The Lung Clotter' or 'Breath Reaper' and there'd be no need for anymore travel warnings.
  5. Looks like the driver was travelling right up the backside of a vehicle in front and decided to overtake on the left without knowing what was ahead. The driver is probably thinking to himself. . . "but I've got away with it hundreds of times before, why now?".
  6. The little man with the Big Man Syndrome probably uses a big box to stand on.
  7. Looks like he wanted to be 'taken for a ride' just once more for old times sake.
  8. Just leave the seat up. How hard can it be? Anyway, pi55ing in the sink solves any dilemma. Just remember to lift up any dirty dishes left there, we don't want to appear crude now do we?
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