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  1. Last film I saw at a cinema I fell asleep around halfway through because the aircon was on the 'Blizzard' setting. Can't remember the year but the movie was 'The Kingdom'. Besides, I don't like the sound systems, too much bass. i.e. a character gets thrown against a wall and there's an almighty 'BOOOM!!'. I've heard cars crashing in real life and there is no loud mega bassy boom-bada-boom sound as the cars impact and rolls over.
  2. 11. Refrain from un-stifled sneezing and as loud as humanely possible because you want everyone in a radius of 100 meters to hear you.
  3. That was the reason why I sold the servi-car frame and converted it into a two-wheeler. As a trike it was ok going round corners or fast bends slowly, but, with a bit of speed....... no rear suspension......... and if a rear wheel hit a bump................ As my mate once said after a test ride: "It handles like a drunk pig on a skateboard".
  4. Why so many cases and deaths from the prisons? Do the stats also include the IDC which only hold foreign inmates? Both prisons and IDC have always been noted for being overcrowded even well before covid, So, how are they suddenly able to find room to apply social distancing and quarantining for inmates?
  5. Why not have a t-shirt that simply says "I just got me a dose."
  6. But Benz and Bm's doesn't extend ones penis as much as a Porsche.
  7. Is this like the Japanese hunting whales for scientific purposes and then selling them? According to the allocation in the OP. 5,000 doses are reserved for further research, while another 40,000 doses are reserved as a backup.
  8. I used to have a 1943 45 cube Harley 3-wheeler that I was restoring back in the UK and was often stopped by the police because it was a curiosity. Because it wasn't a two-wheeler I didn't need to wear a helmet and because it wasn't a 3-wheeled car it didn't have to have seat belts either. I wrote to the Ministry of Transport enquiring about the need for a helmet or seatbelts and they replied to my questions on nice embossed headed paper. So whenever a copper started scratching his head in puzzlement or eyed me up suspiciously, I'd just whip out my letter and let them read it.
  9. Years ago I used to occasionally see 'big bike trikes' at bike events around the country. There's a lot of talented Thais around that can whip up some good looking custom jobs, not just Harleys but Goldwings, VW's etc.
  10. 'The Life and Crimes of Charles Sobhraj' - Richard Neville. Netflix recently aired the series of this. I only saw the first episode and a half and thought they'd botched it up. Too much flitting back and forth with the timelines. The book, however, delves further into Charles Sobhraj and relates as to his methods of being able to select his victims by being able to read their character just by body language and speech. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Sobhraj
  11. Back in the 90's I heard from an airline office worker and a cargo handler, both farangs, that worked at Don Muang airport telling me that a high ranking customs official was involved in allowing certain crates and packages to skip any screening or checks. Probably a few other Thai VIPs in the chain somewhere or other.
  12. All I recall is a report about a month ago saying that 60,000 new army recruits would be vaccinated. There was no mention of any other personnel having already been jabbed. I assumed all the forces including the police would be prioritised by Prayuth to be vaccinated. He needs them.
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