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  1. Chonbury has gone from about 40 new Covid cases a day 2 months ago to 982 yesterday. The genie is out of the bottle. As a percentage of the population Chonbury is probably one of the more infected regions in Thailand. Lockdowns don't seem to work with the Delta variant. The numbers wanting to come to a pandemic ridden country with a failing health service are likely to be small. So only a small numbers of workers if any are likely to return from their home towns - where the infection rate is probably much lower. Without mass vaccination we will just have to live with this virus. Just
  2. The virus is now widespread in Thailand. It is not going away without mass vaccination. Is it not better to let fully tested and vaccinated people in without other hurdles. They are low risk in terms of infection. They will spend significantly more than a poor unregulated refugee slipping across the border from Myanmar. Time to get real.
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