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  1. I always get a price before ordering either on a menu, wall sign or verbally. It also lets me see what drinks are available. I don't like negotiations after ordering. If you don't do it, don't complain about prices later on.
  2. It's a way of dividing people into groups or a hiearchy. It's too hard to see people as equals. Another thing, they left out the nationality of the tourist. That's typically the first thing mentioned.
  3. Male shaving is "in". All kinds of products on the market today cater to the trimmed man. We got's the manscape (landscape), bushwacker, ballbuster, hedge trimmer, the skull...
  4. I do a full body trim about every 2-3 weeks. I use a cordless clipper with no guard, so it's very close, but not a true shave. I finish my balls and arse with a true bic disposable since I can't really do that area well with the shaver without risking cuts. I feel great afterwards and clean. Also cut nails, as well as trim head hair using the same shaver and longer guards. Takes about an hour total. Much less tolerant of people with unruly body hair these days. Seems funny and odd when I see people with long arm, back and leg hair. Seems unclean when I see it and I think of them as slobs.
  5. Residence certificate? May be more where I'm staying though, not proving residency. I'm not sure how strict they would be on that requirement.
  6. https://www.mexperience.com/financial-criteria-for-residency-in-mexico/ May have gone up to $293,000 to qualify now as a permanent resident, or $73,200 for a temporary resident (180 days). It looks like one can go in as a temporary resident, then just renew. Please note: Your first Temporary Residence permit will be granted for only one year. Renewals may be for 1, 2, or 3 years and is up to the discretion of immigration. Remember after 4 years of being a temporary resident you can apply for the permanent residency.
  7. Has anyone secured a Mexican Retirement Visa from the Bangkok Embassy? Is that possible to do as a US Citizen without returning to the USA first? I'm interested in getting the visa while in Thailand and just flying directly into Mexico on the new visa. The embassy website seems rather cryptic/unclear on the procedures.
  8. I'm not sure where the Op is from, but that's not on par with a grocery trip in the Usa, for example, filling the trunk of the car and backseat with groceries, usually around at least 5 bags per trip. For example, at a safeway, costco or walmart. The Op will also likely be disappointed by the Foodmart if they are used to shopping at large western grocery stores. Op will need to focus much more on getting food daily in Asia, rather then weekly grocery trips. It's part of living here for most people and takes much more time here for some reason, unless you have a car.
  9. You need to eat out at the local food stalls and restaurants on a daily basis. They are very cheap but it's not like other countries where you haul in food from the market, unless you have a car which most people don't. Even if you have a motorbike you can't fit that much on there. If you try to carry stuff more then a few blocks you are dodging soi dogs, no sidewalks, the heat, etc. Be real careful to scout out the surroundings when you rent a place. The first thing I look for on google earth is nearby eateries and markets. Check the distances and remember on a street without sidewalks and watching for vehicles it's not easy carrying a bunch of groceries. You could take a bolt taxi both ways, but it's one of those things I just never end up doing. I actually rented a place in the central pattaya area that was near a shopping center just to have groceries nearby. Much easier, as I can walk over and I don't drive here. I still eat out most of the time.
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