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  1. Agree with all the above comments. A tragedy waiting to happen. Thailand has double the World average for drownings. How many swimming lessons could 100 millions baht pay for? That's the sum for a New Year's Eve party!
  2. Why has no one told the organisers, the tourists are not coming? If they want to see packs of wild dogs they will go to a local zoo near a restaurant that serves wine.
  3. A show of concern from Thai Gov because of bad publicity, but nothing will change; corruption is hard-wired into the Thai psyche. It starts with the local police and extends outwards and upwards.
  4. If they had polled foreign visitors they would have got the following results: 99.9% like an alcoholic drink with their meal; 98.9% dislike rubbish strewn everywhere; 98.9% feared being bitten by wild dogs; 97% prefer to travel safely on roads; The percentages who prefer an honest police force have been lost in the post.
  5. Agreed; but all the above can be self-taught if the incentive (fine) is there regularly.
  6. 'He has been granted refugee status in the United States.' So how does he support himself in US for all these years & who pays for his air tickets & did he quarantine? So many questions; so few answers.
  7. Nicely sums up RTP's attitude to their job. VIPs Good; Poor Peasants Bad. Will assist the former for a 'consideration.'
  8. who are allowed by an inept police force and hapless parents to drive from eight years old riding five to a bike with one helmet between them. (I was exaggerating by one about the helmet.)
  9. In anticipation of the hordes of millionaire tourists about to flock to Thailand to be savaged by wild dogs and a predatory police force.
  10. Ergo - my State pension is taxed; it may even put me in a higher tax bracket.
  11. Says everything you want to know about Thai police AND Thai Buddhism.
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