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  1. PS - you can claim ‘an increased rate of benefit whenever you are in the United Kingdom.’ Write to International DWP - (Wolverhampton): ‘We will need to know: your full name, date of birth and national insurance/pension reference number, the date you are arriving and the date you are leaving, your nationality, an address and telephone number where you will be staying during your visit.’
  2. As it's a Chinese company, no further action will be taken.
  3. Post Script: just received THREE replies from the 2 addresses provided above! All monies are to be sent to my UK bank. They've also explained how to get a full pension whilst I am on holiday in UK! (In my case an extra 100 a week!)
  4. Thanks to both above; I written to email address provided.
  5. My State Pension has not been paid in over a year presumably because a Proof of Life form has not been submitted. I say presumably as DWP refuses to answer my email enquiries merely giving me an International phone number. As I have a chronic hearing disability, telephone conversations are well nigh impossible. Does anyone know of an outlet for my frustrations; the name of the MP or such with oversight of this uncaring, arrogant Public Service. I have sent a verified Proof of Life form & tracked it to the Birmingham office.
  6. So CCTV cameras do work and can help solve/prevent crime. Think how much safer the roads would be if all red light runners/speedsters were caught on camera AND PROSECUTED!
  7. Despite the quotation marks, this does NOT sound like the words of a local harvester!
  8. But this is Thailand and baht over-rides training or ethics. I have had two road collisions dealt with by such investigators. The 1st when I was stationary at a U-turn & two tearaways ran into me at 90kph. 'My' agent pleaded with me to sign his statement that my car was protruding into the road so the victims could benefit from my 1st Class Medical Insurance. The 2nd was after a service at Honda Motors. I attempted to enter the U-turn lane when a pick-up hit me in the rear after overtaking a slower vehicle at 150kph. 'My' agent left his office in Honda; sauntered across three lanes and with a tape measure proved the point of impact was just off-centre so I had moved into the path of the on-coming vehicle.
  9. Agreed the word, 'torched' is ill-chosen and immediately reminded me of lots of other blazes shortly after the renewal of Fire Insurance policies.
  10. There is only ONE effective solution which Thailand will not grasp. I am always amazed at the irony of mask-wearing, health-conscious Thais wallowing in canine faeces/urine on every soi and allowing dogs into 7-11s/restaurants.
  11. So all the hollow noises about fighting corruption in Thailand have come to naught?
  12. Watched 'Last Stop in Yuma County' - very Tarantino-esque. TGF was drawn in; not much dialogue to baffle her.
  13. For big cases like this sensational murder case, the local Plod are able to track suspects using CCTV for many miles. For all the other murders on the roads daily, there is total inactivity.
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