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  1. I can kind of see how it could be fun to live in Bangkok but whenever I am there I spend a couple of days in the heat, traffic, and noise and I am happy to go back to Melbourne Australia. Melbourne is often voted the most liveable city in the world. If I retire in Thailand it won't be in Bangkok.
  2. You can judge a lot of Thai restaurants on their Massaman. So often they are too light, thin, and taste like some generic curry. If they are not dark, thick, a bit oily, full of good ingredients, and do not have the proper taste then don't go back.
  3. Depends on the rules of the game. If it's a one way trip I wouldn't want to go to the wild west but it would be fun to spend a week or two and come back. Life back then sucked for most people. If the rules mean that going back in time means you get younger too then sign me up. But going back at my current age to a time when I was 20 or 10 would be a mixed bag, except for the bit about knowing what's going to happen, and seeing family and friends. For example I work in an office job and the thought of not being able to work at home or to have paper files, or that the mo
  4. He's quirky and provocative and maybe a bit silly. He later said if he was asked on the day to clarify his comments he would have said he was not. He said it was one of the first interviews he had done sober. The comment was in relation to him finding out that he had german heritage and not jewish heritage as he had thought. He said later that Hitler is an icon of how cruel you can be. The point being that, though the comment seems reprehensible, and could have landed him in jail, he is not likely to actually be a nazi.
  5. When I have bought street food at markets it is shocking when you see big spoons of salt, sugar, or mysterious black sauces that are full of salt and or MSG going into your food. I find the average thai eats a different sort of thai food than I eat which isn't normally to western taste but and seems to have less bad stuff. Maybe education rather than tax.
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