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  1. Kata, Karon, Surin etc all pretty empty. However, if you travel around there are localised areas that are pretty busy such as Patong, Laguna.. For example, it was nice to see Bangla road in Patong pretty much full late evening yesterday with many outlets open. Quiet in the day and lights out at 10:30pm but I haven't seen it that busy since before Covid landed.
  2. Just read on another thread (and Phuket News) that the official lockdown order was only issued just after 4pm yesterday!
  3. The first place to open on Bangla did just that as well as installing a kitchen. It was "checked" regularly by local, Phuket town and BKK authorities. Was it cost effective? No, but it did get the place moving, get staff some work and get the other places going too.
  4. A few outlets on Bangla already had restaurant licences and one or two others made the effort of obtaining such and were first to open.
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