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  1. Well I did go out on Friday evening, early-ish as it happens with a friend, to eat something at the new Blue Lotus café/bar, before having a walk around to see what was going on. Good and cheap eats to take the edge off one's hunger before starting on the booze! Bangla was much more crowded than I thought it would be, almost like a low season in the old times (well perhaps not quite as busy, but the busiest I've seen it for yonks) and Kangaroo bar was absolutely heaving, but we managed to grab the last two seats available! Bar Funk had a fair share of punters in it, alt
  2. Nice sentiments Kopitiam, and I can assure you that in the 16 years I've been doing my retirement extensions, I've never used an agent, so if I use one next year, I don't think it could be construed as "promoting the use of an agent", more doing what is easiest and hassle free. I'm sure you read other threads on this forum and those on the ThaiVisa forum prior to this, and you will have seen without a doubt, that many, many folk have problems with immigration and there are hundreds of farangs who are using agents (perhaps thousands), and one has to wonder why, outside of not having
  3. Don't be sorry Kopitiam, because I've known all along that the place is corrupted, but instead of it getting better, it has gotten worse, which is such a shame for the poor Thai people, and it affects us of course. I've always had all of the necessary docs, and if you read my reply to the supercilious skatewash, in that reply you will see that I have complied every year, but there have been problems, one of which I detailed in that post and which just doesn't stand scrutiny. So I don't have any "perceived" problems, I've actually had real problems, not only in the one q
  4. You seem to like the sound of your own voice (and text) and it's quite obvious that you haven't read some of my posts and keep on with your, "I'm right and you're wrong" stance, along with making assumptions, which turn out to be wrong. I have followed everything that the I/O's want, often taking more copies of everything down as a standby. And as for this statement, "Is it really that difficult to understand that there are very specific requirements for showing you have an account that meets the retirement extension requirements", then you are really showing your ignor
  5. Now that's interesting because in the rules and regulations on the Phuket immigration website, it states: – "Copy updated Thai bank book name page and last 12 months transactions. (Update the bank book on the day of the application) Please make sure that all papers have the same balance mentioned". That in addition to the 800k being shown, so they do want a full 12 month printout, and they have asked me for that on two occasions, so I provided it. It becomes pretty obvious on reading this thread, and many others over the years that they will make up their own mind wha
  6. Well, I suppose that could be true in some cases, however my friend has been here for 10 years and has gone through this process 10 times. He has also had his money in a fixed deposit for a few years, so he didn't expect any issues when he applied for his retirement extension in just the same way as he had done many times before, BUT this time he was refused, and he still doesn't know why and nothing sticks out as to why this should be the case! That's why depending upon the "whim" (or discretion?) of an I/O can be a dangerous thing IMO. So it is understandable why some
  7. Agree with what you have said and that's what I have always done, putting the 800k into an easily accessible fixed term account and not touching it for the year, apart from getting the book updated, especially before a visit to immigration. The problem is it doesn't end there because they also want 12 months worth of proof of transactions from my every day transaction account, which of course as I've already mentioned, my bank cannot easily provide. I have two separate bank books, one for the 800k and one for the everyday transactions, so the 800k doesn't get touched, a
  8. Oh come on now Kopitiam, do you honestly believe what you have written? With my extension of stay ending on Saturday, the earliest time after that, that I could have got it renewed was on the Monday, but the bank didn't come up with the goods, so it had to be Tuesday. So I turned up at the immigration office complete with all of the paperwork and my passport and presented myself for processing. And of course I've been here for 16 years and following all of the rules. Now that is a far cry from someone who has been arrested for overstaying and has been trying
  9. Well I watched Dune last night and was suitably unimpressed with it. Rebecca Ferguson playing the lead lady seemed to mumble her lines early on in the piece, and no matter what I tried, they didn't get much better and the download I had was top quality, as is my sound system? Plenty of special effects, but nothing to grip me, apart from the fact that I am as mystified with the goings-on in this one, as I was with the original when I watched it a few times. Will not be eagerly waiting for the next one!
  10. You can call it what you like, but if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck!
  11. No s..t Sherlock............Jeez, talk about stating the obvious! Have never overstayed in the 16 years I've been doing the retirement extension and never intended to this time, but the date of the extension end was on a Saturday and the bank stuffed up with getting my transaction report, so out of my hands to a certain extent. That is why I suggested to my "avid followers" that they should leave plenty of time to get the report, especially if it is from Bangkok Bank, even though I gave the bank five working days to get my report, their excuse was that there was a holid
  12. Depending upon the mood I am in, I could well go out on Friday evening and sing a few songs with the band at Red Hot, although it's a bit of a bummer them only being able to play from 7 PM to 10 PM!
  13. "Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin". You may remember that beginning to a UK radio programme for kids, can't remember exactly which one, though it may well have been Noddy and Big Ears or Sooth and Sweep!! Got to the bank and the bank manager had the printouts waiting for me, and he had to initial every page as well as put the bank's stamp on them and I reckon there were about 30 pages in all, mostly computer printout type pages, which they don't seem able to do at my branch? I gave him my two bank books to update yet again, which he did, along w
  14. For the past 16 years of renewing my retirement extension on my own, I have never paid anything other than the norm, this despite having a few grumpy I/Os making things difficult for me (I have posted about them, so they are there for all to see). One of these was where the I/O wanted a 500 baht "bribe" for something which should have been free, and when I queried it, he made my life hell. Yet whilst there are folks on this thread who rail against people using the agent route, because they say it is encouraging corruption, some of these people have suggested that I should have paid
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