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  1. There is a lot of truth in what you have said, and the concept of terroir is hard to explain here, however grape vines do best when there is variation in temperature throughout the day time, and in seasons (although they don't like frost). Cooler temperatures at night help concentrate the anthocyanins and flavours in the grapes, whereas I don't think that the night-time temperatures here are conducive to that effect happening. In addition, humidity can be a pain because it can encourage the growth of powdery mildew and downy mildew which can eventually kill the vine, an
  2. From what I can see in the article NJD, it would appear that according to page six, the imported wine gets double the tax in total, than does the local wine – – or am I reading that wrong?
  3. That's an interesting point........ but do local winemakers actually pay "massive tax"?
  4. I use BBC iPlayer a lot, mainly for the sport, but because they have some good documentaries on varied themes, and one of them is the "Investigative/crime" documentaries, which I often watch, and have found to be very interesting and informative. However I watched one called, "The Murder of Jill Dando" and overall was disappointed in the investigative theme, because it didn't seem to explore various options in relation to her death, i.e. jealous lovers/boyfriend/girlfriend, casual acquaintances and so on, or at least they were not disclosed on this doco. The chief inves
  5. Would love to see the price of wine come down as it is one of the things that I enjoy here, but the prices compared to other countries are criminal! And it may put an end to the practice of adding fruit juice to wine in order to get around tax/excise duty!!
  6. Watched it and thought it was very good esp as it is a true story, based on the goalkeeper Bert Trautman. Give it a go!
  7. I retired at the age of 57, mainly because the stress in my job (Chief Manager of Investments in a bank) was slowly killing me, and my doctor said that I had a choice, whereby I could get out of the rat race now and ease the stress, or carry on working and let the precancerous condition in my throat kill me within a year. I decided to retire at that time, not only on the doctors advice, but because I had been to Thailand on a couple of occasions and thought that it was a place in which I could live – – lively, cheap cost of living (depending on how one wants to live) and I wouldn't
  8. I had something similar done about 30 years ago in New Zealand and everything has been fine since that time. In addition, when the original post (yes it had been worked on before) was removed along with what was left of the previous tooth, it was found that an infection had eaten away part of the jawbone, so believe it or not, shavings of jawbone were taken from another part and inserted in the cleaned out hole. Anyway to cut a long story short, it was a difficult procedure but not too expensive in those days, and it has stood the test of time.
  9. For those football fans amongst us, you may well be interested in watching something on BBC iPlayer, called "Fever Pitch: The Rise of the Premier League". Taking a chance I watched the first episode last night and was delighted to see clips from games played back in the early 90s, and these are also interspersed with the background shenanigans of Rupert Murdoch and his crew, along with some of the big names behind the Premier league clubs. It was delightful to watch Alan Shearer as a 21 year old (what a talent) scoring a few goals, and there were also clips of Eric Cant
  10. It's a good point that you make in your post dddave, and one which I had been thinking about whilst reading the previous posts. In particular I liked your statement that, "people fall in and out of love all the time" because that's happened to me a couple of times and sometimes there appears to be no rhyme nor reason to it, it just happens! It seems as if they were both very happy for a few years early on in the piece, so I'm not sure that this was a Thai girl playing the "long game", and then things changed, for whatever reason, and sometimes it is very difficult to pu
  11. I haven't seen cmarshall's posts as portraying a hate towards the Windsors and England, more that they are very informative and I certainly have learnt something from them. I simply see him as stating his case as he sees it, and with his knowledge, thereby trying to lay out both sides of the story for all to see.
  12. Up to you, however you haven't really grasped the gist of that strapline. I took many risks, made bombs out of weedkiller and sugar, was stranded in the incredible heat of the Sahara desert in a clapped out Land Rover, had a loaded pistol put to my head by an irate Libyan soldier, was shot at in Nigeria at the end of the Biafran war, distilled illegal alcohol in Libya, flew in a light plane through a sandstorm, worked on an extremely dangerous construction platform in the North Sea and many more, even down to nearly drowning on a white water rapids expedition in NZ........and I cou
  13. Is he laying eggs now?
  14. I thought it was a very good movie and have watched it a couple of times! Also watched the new movie about Ted Bundy called, "No man of God" and thought it was good, and esp liked Elijah Wood's performance.
  15. I don't need logical reasoning to see that this person is probably all that I said he was, although he won't admit it, and this next small paragraph of his should give you a clue, and if you cannot see that there is an element of "conspiracy theorist" in this, then you are probably in the same camp. The only person who "lost" was the poster who included this paragraph, because he gave himself away, as no such thing is happening and it is pure nonsense............... "It is also very odd to most people as to why vigourous public debate is being denied/outlawed in regard
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