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  1. What is your visa status? When do you enter Thailand? You quarantined? I guess you could pretend to be unvaccinated and try to get a single Pfizer as a booster. But your MoPH record would only show partially vaccinated. Not sure if Moderna full dose (single shot) works as a Pfizer 2X booster?
  2. Annual flu vaccines on line 2 for you.
  3. There are a gazillion charts out there. Private hospitals only have one paid booster option right now: Moderna. The government seems to be offering AZ, Pfizer and Moderna as a booster for sino-stuff 2X. Not a lot about government boosters for AZ 2X. What vaccines have you received? When? Check with the hospital which administered your vaccines. And check with your Moderna supplier to see what their rules are. And check with the MoPH. The focus remains getting more people fully vaxxed. Boosters might get more press in January?
  4. This seems like a good experiment. Just make sure you have testing in place, and evaluation criteria based on the infection rate, and procedures for those places found to have high infection rates.
  5. I don't think drinking is prohibited during these hours, either at home or in a pub-bar-resto? Just retail sales, right?
  6. "will" lose his job? What about his superiors, who were responsible for managing him? Those who recommended him for his promotions? And those he paid for his "elephant ticket"?
  7. KLM has two flights a day BKK-AMS (one from MNL, one from HKG), so they have experience with vaccination records. Assuming you have a valid vaccination record (Mor Phrom, COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate) you will not be denied boarding. The yellow book is not mandatory. Are you trying to upload something to KLM or UK.GOV?
  8. "Hopes"? Without taking any actions? Classic thai. Then when they don't get elevated they'll say the U.S. doesn't understand thai-style slavery. And the TIP report isn't really important. BANGKOK (The Nation/Asia News Network): Soldiers of 14th Infantry Regiment on Wednesday (Nov 24) night arrested 184 Myanmar migrants as they were crossing the border into Thailand without documentation at Phob Phra district in Tak province. They had also paid an agency who promised to help them find a job in inner provinces of Thailand at 20,000 ba
  9. Institutionalized blackmail. "Nice bank account you have there, be a shame if something happened to it." This (insurance racket) is what boiler-rooms are for. Stop asking customer service reps to become sales people. Put that coffee down!! Coffee's for closers only.
  10. As long as they do not do any sequencing on recent tests they should be able to maintain this "nothing to see here" posture.
  11. Actually: https://www.amamarine.co.th/ https://www.ptgenergy.co.th/ He's the wealthiest member of the cabinet. I mean if you use "declared" assets. Yeah, being classified as "increasingly marginalized" is not a good look. prayut should throw him overboard and start with someone new in that role, once it looks like the COVID thing wanes.
  12. Honestly, unless I'm on mask-police duty that day I don't take much notice. Not my job.
  13. Yes, 50 micrograms, if you've had two full Moderna doses. Not sure hospitals here will splita single dose right now, nor allow the sharing of the needle? If you reserved a lot 1 Moderna vaccine and have already received your e-voucher but would like to transfer your reservation, you may do so. Please have the person you transferred your reservation to enter your e-voucher number when they are scheduling their vaccination appointment. https://www.bumrungrad.com/en/update-moderna01 Seems to make reselling easy? Take cash, give e-v
  14. https://thainews.prd.go.th/en/news/detail/TCATG210914133342779 https://www.mfa.go.th/en/content/thaigermanycooperationcovid31082564-2?page=5d5bd3da15e39c306002aaf9&menu=5d5bd3dd15e39c306002ab1d https://www.nationthailand.com/pr-news/business/40003609 Maybe check with the larger hospitals with an international focus.
  15. Said to be coming in 2022 here. Last I heard they were looking a local partner. Unless it's someone from one of the five families this may not get any traction. Broadband coverage and 4G is pretty robust save for some challenging rural locations (where demand is measured on one hand). And end-user start-up costs are quite expensive. And rainy season.
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