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  1. At this point I don't think anyone in Thailand, still breathing, trusts the regime, especially when it comes to anything vaccine related. And without trust, well, not gonna be a happy ending.
  2. Crowds looked pretty massive today. Very little social distancing. Many rumblings about people contracting COVID at these mass events at Bang Sue. Bang Sue vaccinations will continue but for pre-registered people only, government says The government has no plans to close down Bang Sue Grand Station’s vaccination center, but a preregistration-only process is being launched for the next round of vaccination, the government said this week. “We are looking to fix the queuing problem and the Bang Sue center is a public service center, so a
  3. Thai Enquirer @ThaiEnquirer Earlier this morning, representatives from the Thai Healthcare Workers Network asked the US Embassy to assist in monitoring the distribution of the mRNA vaccine. They said they are worried about the Thai government’s ambiguous mRNA vaccine distribution program.
  4. Thank you. Yes, the transfer hit my BBL account (shows online as an International Transfer, will show as FTT in my passbook) at 14:09 - the exact time WISE provided since the transfer was initiated - and then within a minute or two, a transaction popped into my BofA account, the transaction showing as "Processing". Very impressed with this service, I wanted to try it as a back-up, and the web and app interface/functionality are great. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the (Transfer) WISE threads here over the years.
  5. I think that, with VoLTE enabled on the data-only SIM, that, by design, the mobile data connection drops from 4G/LTE to 3G (and the data connection is lost), while the phone handles the voice call over 4G/LTE. You may be able to disable/turn-off VoLTE, either from within the phone's UI, or with some keyboard commands. Do you see a "VoLTE" indication on the top-most notification area? Go into Settings, search for VoLTE. In some of my phones its a radio button. Or search the Redmi forums.
  6. What's the dealio on this? I don't recall seeing anything about it. Does anyone have any detail or background? Links. Thanks Statements by the regime re: this afternoon's vaccine "plan", are often deliberately confusing, so as to obfuscate the truth. So I'm not sure anything went missing, just the plan changed 15 times, resulting in a reallocation.
  7. I think a mandatory vaccination for COVID will eventually (within 18 - 36 months) become a reality here, both for entry and for extensions of stay. How this is implemented/enforced remains to be seen. More than happy if required that the vaccine was transferred in from outside of Thailand. Hopefully we don't have to be vaccinated every 90 days.
  8. Wow! Thailand does seem to be the hub of a hefty share of the world's supply of illegal drugs. Interesting that this can flourish under the watchful eyes of the Police, Military, and current regime. No shame on these guys,
  9. Hope this chap has asbestos underwear. The pm, his henchmen and the full weight of the regime, along with the ultra-right-wing nationalists/monionettes, and government -funded web doxxers will be all over this guy. The key to holding the regime responsible is transparency, the best disinfectant to the rampant corruption. Need more document leaks.
  10. I am not interested in the elapsed time to receipt/deposit. WISE (app and website/push notifications) do an AWESOME job updating you on the status Original question:
  11. Background: ACH funded WISE transfer from U.S to BBL/THL Transfer initiated successfully (Plaid-linked to BofA, passed BofA 2FA) WISE says "We received your USD" Transfer to be paid out (to BBL) today, in a few hours. WISE Q&A: How long does it take for my money to reach Wise? It usually takes 1–4 working days for your money to reach us. And you’ll usually see the debit in your bank account within 2–3 working days of making the transfer. Since it can take some time for the money to reach us, be sure you have enough money
  12. You made my day. I pulled the trigger and replaced my ancient ThinkPad. Thank you very much for starting this thread, which prompted me to do the research, and get a new notebook.
  13. I was asking who paid Zuellig/Moderna. I know you and I paid a hospital, which paid the GPO, which paid Zuellig. I assume TRC paid the GPO for their 1.1 mm doses. And they will pay Zuellig for the 5 mm doses.
  14. FWIW, he was on a ventilator for 42 days, during an 82-day hospital stay battling COVID.
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