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  1. Srettha was smart to "lawyer up". I think the powers-that-be are alarmed by Thaksin's free-wheeling shadow PM activities and is hanging this 112 charge over him to get him to scale back those activities. Yingluck has the one rice scheme charge/sentence hanging over her head. Most expect that will be reduced to one year by Royal decree, with six months of home confinement. But this won't happen until after the Sixth Cycle celebrations (and Royal Kathin Barge PRocession), assuming Thaksin slows his roll.
  2. I assume that operating a motor vehicle under the influence of Cannabis is illegal. Removing Cannabis flower from the Narcotics list does not mean it is legal to consume and then operate a motor vehicle. IMO, the Police have been way too lazy in enforcing existing laws as they apply to "legal" cannabis.
  3. Richard Nixon would have been indicted - a Grand Jury was in session - had he not been pardoned by Gerald Ford. Plenty of other countries - France, Israel, South Africa, and South Korea - have prosecuted former leaders. Interesting that you did not address the charges, and immediately jumped to questioning the Rule of Law, and insulting large swaths of the population. "If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts; if you have the law on your side, pound the law; if you have neither the facts nor the law, pound the table."
  4. An unelected PM. How on-brand for Thailand. With the Thai economy teetering I doubt anyone wants to be left holding a giant bag of poo.
  5. So many questions, but it sounds like the RTP has successfully wrapped up this case. I'm sure the potential high-value Chinese tourists will love reading about another foreigner being tortured and robbed in Phuket. This sounds like it may be turning into a fake news event. Nothing to see here.
  6. Thailand #101 Ranked no. 101 out of 113 countries EF EPI score:416 Global average score:502 Position in Asia: 21 of 23 https://www.ef.co.th/epi/regions/asia/thailand/ https://www.ef.com/assetscdn/WIBIwq6RdJvcD9bc8RMd/cefcom-epi-site/fact-sheets/2023/ef-epi-fact-sheet-thailand-english.pdf
  7. So the "well-to-do" will likely get "their" 10,000 baht before the less well-to-do get their imaginary digital wallet. A less tax revenue, given the 10,000 baht rebate. However will they make that up? Not sure how much "domestic consumption" the well-to-do generate with their 10,000 baht.
  8. "Superpimp". Love it. I guess we can use that freely going forward.
  9. So you're calling me a nut-job? Not sure that's allowed here. This is you opinion, right? If you could support it with, maybe another sentence or three it might get some traction. As it is, it reflects badly on you. Alcohol-related deaths are quite high here. The study estimates an average of 11,887 alcohol-attributable deaths per year in the Thai population. https://movendi.ngo/science-digest/years-of-life-lost-due-to-alcohol-consumption-in-thai-adults/ I can't find any data on Cannabis-related deaths, just some anecdotal reports of weight gain from overdosing on doughnuts.
  10. The article is unclear, just that the passerby found her at 9:30 PM. She may have been jogging during daylight hours, assaulted then, and only recovered enough to be found hours later. But feel free to blame the victim, that ALWAYS works. ????
  11. OK, I'm confused. You live in thailand? Were you considering educating your daughter in the U.S.? But then you found this story and what, changed your mind? I'd euthanize my child before sending them to a thai "school". Why do you think so many higher end thais send their kids to school in the U.S. and the U.K.? TV shows? Huh? You do realize these are fictional, and entertainment, right? Oh, I see it's from the Washington Examiner. /facepalm The attorneys' letter accused the school district So your beef is with the school district? Honestly one minor incident sets you off?
  12. Easy for you to say, but the thai cook to order food industry prepares millions of dishes per day. and many require palm oil. What do you suggest they use? Cake? Palm oil[1] yield per unit of land is 6-10 times[2] higher than for other oil crops such as soy, rapeseed, sunflower, coconut and olive. This means oil palm has the lowest production cost among vegetable oils. https://www.krungsri.com/en/research/industry/industry-outlook/agriculture/sugar-(1)/IO/io-oil-palm-20-th Indonesia lifted their palm oil export ban this week so there should be some price stabilzaiton/relief?
  13. Ah yes, waxing poetically about thai sticks. For the most part <deleted> brick weed wrapped onto sticks, and sold for a premium. Might have been the first thai scam? AFAIK, no plan for thai sticks, except maybe to dupe tourists?
  14. Yes, have been for years. Urine I think. They've also been testing quite a few new testing options, both for people (Incl. hair) and for samples. Although this probably depends on your status. High status can do a runner, turn yourself in in a day or two for "testing".
  15. Which departure? What did he say? Don't leave us hanging. Agreed.
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