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  1. No. Lazada and Shopee items don't come necessarily via the post office. They are forwarded to a Logistics partner like J&T or Flash Express.
  2. I take two Royal-D every day. Excellent!
  3. The problem now here in the Esaan is the following: when the temperature goes up to 41º or 42º the aircon works for hours to get the temperature down to let's say only 30º. Now, think about 4 aircons in our house. Before the heatwave started we only used fans and our last bill was only 2'822 Baht. But our next bill must be in the vicinity of around 8'000 Baht, I guess. This is absolutely crazy.
  4. Yes, to your first question, no to your second. I'm sick and tired of Bitkub!
  5. I don't like Upbit. It is in no way comparable to Bitkub. The interface is horrible. And: I have already withdrawn my balance at Bitkub. Why wait any longer? They never answer anything you send them.
  6. I just withdrew my balance from Bitkub. The money was on my BBL account within a minute. Bitkub suspended my account yesterday, although I had sent them all documents. They never answered my messages.
  7. This morning I wanted to register with Binance TH. I started out on their website registering my Email address and password. I was then sent a 6-digit code which I entered. I then was asked to download their app and verify my identity on their app. I was asked to log in. Then I was asked again to enter a 6-didit code, but when I entered (the same code I had gotten before) I got a message saying: Verify failed, please reload and try again later. I tried many more times, but it's always the same. Can anyone tell me what I should do to be able to continue?
  8. Thank you, I will send them a complaint.
  9. I am not succeeding to make Bitkub happy. Contrary to last year, now we can only contact them via the mobile phone app. It doesn't work for me. I have sent Bitkub all documents they could possibly need via opening a ticket, to no avail. They never answer. A real bunch of loonies. Today I got suspended. I cannot buy nor sell anything anymore. Everything is greyed out. I wait another week to see if I might get a response from Bitkub. If not I will transfer my balance to my bank account.
  10. A quick update. Well, I have taken these magnesium capsules now for 17 straight days, but I noticed absolutely no change. Nothing. The muscle cramps I have when I'm in bed and get up are still here. That is an indication that there is something wrong with this product. Also: there is no website, or the website is always down. I have ordered today another brand which has good ratings on Amazon. Reviews say that users sleep much better and experience no more cramps. Let's see. And yes, I no longer suffer from acid reflux. I'm back on Omeprazole and Aspirin 81. I'm very happy about this. I must thank Sheryl for her wise advice!
  11. The government hospital I attend is located in Tha Tum, northern Surin province.
  12. Thank you so much, Sheryl, your advice is very much appreciated. "you should not go off aspirin" You wouldn't believe, but my wife got 50 baby aspirins today which will help me a bit until May 3 when I have my next appointment. My pharmacist had some over and she said she only gives them to us, you know that pharmacies have been banned from selling Aspirin OTC. I will take one every two days together with an omeprazole. For a periodic supervision by a cardiologist I will talk to my doctor and ask her advice when I have my next appointment, and of course: ask her to reinstate me on aspirin.
  13. Thank you for your contribution. You weren't writing a book. I read everything in awe. AMAZING what you have gone through and how you have beaten all odds. I wish you many more years and I hope you have someone beside you when life becomes too difficult. God bless!
  14. Sorry, I was to late to reattach the files, here we go:
  15. Thank you for giving your time to this situation. Sheryl, I just turned 78, so about my history: i can't remember any dates. I had my first angina pectoris back in Europe, that's about 40 years ago. Then I had twice a heart attack, once in Bangkok, can't remember the year, possibly about 30 years ago and another one in Pattaya, I was then treated at Pattaya Memorial, I remember that. What I believe what I have is a heart valve problem. The valve doesn't close completely and let blood pass. I completely forgot the correct wording, it escaped me. If I suddenly remember, I will let you know. I often get chest pain, if necessary I take a Celebrex capsule or two. I'm not under the care of a cardiologist. No need now. For the medication I'm on, its' for my diabetes. I attach two pictures. One showing the meds prescribed before I was taken off omeprazole and a 81 mg.
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