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  1. Thanks for your contributions. Monday 11:15 still no Internet. When I called TOT Tha Tum the girl on the phone doesn't know anything about it. Said will send technician, but I doubt anyone will show up.
  2. I live out in the sticks in northern Surin province between Tha Tum and Rattanaburi and the only provider we have here is TOT. It is usually very reliable, but since yesterday Saturday early evening there is no Internet. I have a 500/100MB connection, because I'm trading Altcoins. I asked the TOT hotline in BKK this morning and was told that there is an outage in our area. We are now Sunday almost 17:00 and still no Internet. Is TOT not doing anything, because it's the weekend? Anyone else in Surin province or other province having the same problem?
  3. She does have a sore arm. I didn't mention, because everybody gets that. Yes, maybe more tired than usual.
  4. Received her shot at around 11:00. no parents admitted in that A/C room, only teachers. Only side effect Amy had so far: headache. 2nd shot scheduled for NOV 06, same venue, same mass of people.
  5. The government has offered Pfizer shots for 12-17-year old teens and said that all of them whose parents have given their consent could all be vaccinated by the end of October. Our daughter (12y 4 months) just received a phone call (at 20:45 in the evening) from her teacher and was told that she should go and get her 1st Pfizer shot tomorrow morning at 08:30, Saturday October 16. Btw, my wife received her 2nd AZ shot today. Are there any other members of this board whose kids have already received their first shot?
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