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  1. You can go to a hospital to get the test. That is what this is. you're purchasing a coupon for a hospital visit. The problem her that if pop positive for antibodies, you will be force to then take a PCR-Test. There is no way I know of obtaining the actual rapid action IgG Covid-antibody tests in Thailand.
  2. And what they government is telling you is that they don't want you to know as they make it next to impossible to buy anti-body tests you can pick up at any drug store in the US.
  3. The government will continue to tell them to bite a rock and that the New Normal is government mandated morality and an end to evil alcohol - at least for the common folk.
  4. But he had a knife. He was on an electric cart rampage. A lot of cops would have emptied the magazine. Which brings me back to Thailand. I've seen over, and over, and over again Thai cops being able to disarm machete wielding guy simply by talking with them. I remember a Thai cop talking to a guy with a gun to give up the gun. For all the criticism we give Thai cops - there is one area they excel - deescalation. You never see that in the US. Heck, people get shot for holding cell phones or nothing at all. And the vast majority of times the cops walk. The whole :"shoot first, ask
  5. This all reminders me of the Drew Carey Show: "Welcome to 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter. That's right, the points are just like the police department in" - Thailand.
  6. What good is points system when 1/3 of the drivers don't have licenses? Then when those who do have licenses max out on point, they'll just keep driving anyway.
  7. I love it when government create 'dead zones" and they tell the world how they plan to make them vibrant again. Thailand is really good at that. Destroy Khao San and then "The rich, well-heeled will come flocking!!!" No they will not. Wake up.
  8. It's called inflation. Governments world-wide say it's not true. You say commodities and retail goods have increased by 100% and more. The government will say only 1.5%. Well maybe 6.5%. If you disagree perhaps you are labeled a conspiracy theorist <I know you are not> Governments are quintessential liars. But what can you do? And welcome to the conspiracy theorist club. Facts mean nothing.
  9. Foreign woman marriage to Thai man. https://www.thaicitizenship.com/thai-citizenship-based-on-marriage-to-a-thai-husband/ Thai rak khun
  10. Foreign man married to Thai woman. https://www.thaicitizenship.com/thai-citizenship-points-test/
  11. By the way - as a foreign male - you're not allowed to 'combine income.'
  12. Don't. Go elsewhere. There are countries out there who will welcome you Thailand is not one of those places. Even married to a Thai woman. I'm not being harsh. I'm dealing with facts. Foreign men married to Thai women are not valued in this country. So if you are young enough to start a life - consider somewhere else where you and your fund are appreciated and valued, as well as your marriage to one of their nationals who are women.
  13. For men. No. The actual answer is - are you a foreign male or a foreign female. If you are a foreign man - then you have all the hoops listed above to jump through. You are an outsider, possibly a fraud seeking an easy way into Thailand (that need to be check every year), as well as a potential security risk. And you must apply for an extension to stay every year in order to visit your family for a year, year-to-year, and if your financial ever drop below the minimums? You are ejected thus terminating your family bonds and breaking your family to pieces. If you are a foreign femal
  14. Let's discuss medical malpractice in general terms. If a doctor makes a misdiagnosis or if given the conditions the doctor fails to suggest the proper follow-on treatments or regular examinations given a condition that can lead to even a more serious condition - what are your options should you end up with the more serious condition? If a doctor is not thorough or is negligent. What are one's options?
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