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  1. Apply as early as possible, as they state process times are "long" due to the number of people requesting the vaccine passport.
  2. I'm surprised that they didn't include a mandatory minimum daily spend figure for tourists that could be garnished from the tourists at the airport upon leaving if they fell short on overall spending.
  3. Nil effects from the jabs except slight tenderness at the injection site the following day, which resolved within 24 hours.
  4. Third dose of "us and them", formulated especially for politicians.
  5. Why not speak to the Juristic Team and ask them to check the water delivery pressure to the top floor. Chances are that they have wound back the delivery pump system pressure relief valve or a delivery pump pressure cutout point either through ignorance or accident. Their maintenance team might be able to rectify the system pressure issue without you needing to retrofit any additional infrastructure. You have nothing to lose by asking them to investigate.
  6. Tourists have to register or be registered at every place they reside during a holiday in Thailand, so Anutin just needs to properly enter and track the data already submitted to immigration on behalf of each and every tourist.
  7. Let's hope that the good old human antibodies will dominate soon and lead to natural resistance to this pox ridden virus.
  8. I'm glad that the device didn't activate while the bin was being emptied, the poor old rubbish collectors jobs aren't the nicest jobs as it is. Let's hope this isn't the start of a bombing campaign after the last 18 months of covid induced misery.
  9. RTP - Do your job properly and crackdown on dangerous driving everywhere that it occurs. Bad road behaviour won't change until consistent application of the laws is enforced.
  10. I guess he won the carbon neutral award last year as well because of his horticultural passion.
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