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  1. The police should give this 60 kg away to all these whacked out locos on bad speed around here. Better off being around population on opiates than amphetamines.
  2. About every few days some locos around here seem to be thriving on starting morbidity topics . Unbelievable ?? . Take it someplace else. And why are people feeding these trolls ,??
  3. Post above after infrastructure project. These screenshots are from before . Credit to @plahgat for the classics.
  4. Scroll down to girl with balloon. The photos taken just now are in same location. If the chinese want to swoop into beach and second roads and buy up and renew it fine with me. Because it's getting ugly.
  5. The only foreign tourism they can count on In any significant numbers would be the oblivious chinese. Together with Indians and Russians. Because of the clueless Thais and thainess, the trash,dogs, and ruining the natural environment. Westerners are not going to put up with this. They lost the mini summer July/August high season Europeans with two consecutive beach Rd/promenade "infrastructure improvements" See photo taken about mid 00,s. Before improvements Thiss is not about the good old days, bla,bla,bla. This is about the destruction of nice environment. Take a look at the wastelands in th
  6. They have gotten carried away with these concrete infrastructure kickback projects. Near Naklua lam pho seafood market . Before and the sh*t show now.
  7. The point is the Thai drivers have to apply those breaks at a red light- some do some don't. It actually safer to cross anywhere else when it is clear. Rather than assume at a light they will stop.
  8. The lights are not the problem: Brakes stop cars not lights.
  9. Yes take Pattaya beach road and second road. The city takes all this money for these bs kickback promenade projects that have ruined a previously nice environment into a glorified road for lowlife local males on motorbikes . And besides this hazard the city can't even build some pedestrian overpasses for the safety of tourists ?
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