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  1. 473geo

    Isaan Woman

    As you know Owl Isaan people gain status by helping out family members, friends, neighbours, lending money when others are in difficulty When the farang understands this, he also understands why the wife prefers to spend his money first, saving her money, often invested in gold, for a time she may be called upon, perhaps to return a favour or help someone out
  2. I wear normal closed shoes for driving, thus often wear when out and about with socks, shorts or long trousers Finished farm tasks for a few hours so now sitting outside in the breeze relaxing, short sleeve shirt, long pants as not active and keeps mosquito attacks to an absolute minimum Wear wellington boots to the farm every day with socks work hard often no problem with smelly feet but I do shower 4 times a day, more if working hard and required Change clothes usually 3 times a day And yes see Thai feet taking a bit of a hammering here in rural Thailand
  3. I guess there are more like me in my aircon room in rural Isaan watching TV, on the internet, thinking ok no problem, believe what makes you guys happy ????
  4. 10 for the Uk Nothing wrong with the country or set up, I just didn't exploit opportunities to the full, but did ok, my time there has enabled me to retire to Thailand Thailand 10 because, here I am, and any short comings should have been identified and already taken into account previously, I made the choice to live here, Thailand did not invite me
  5. Oh yes cycling to the farm and doing everyday farm work saves on a gym membership ???? Lightest I have weighed for years
  6. To me rural living provides the option to live cheaper For example free fish in the rice paddies and waterways just now in the wet season, mushrooms, crabs and papaya for somtam and of course home grown rice As mentioned previously door to door selling of local produce is popular In reality there is little need to go to supermarkets if one follows the local seasonal menus, including insects and Ants Lately by way of example live pork prices dropped so pigs were killed on the farm and sold fresh same day 140 baht kg Later in the year ponds will dry up and at the correct level will be pumped out and fish sold maybe one or two ponds a week around us for 10 weeks or so Mango season of course plus other fruits, melons, pumpkin selection of home grown vegetables such as string beans, egg plant, cucumber, and one that looks like a cucumber but isn't don't know the name I understand if the above is not for you but as I say the option is there to experience the Thai rural self sufficiency diet
  7. Have daily tasks some are not frequently changed, others we can juggle as necessary, so while there is routine there is also required a flexibility and no set timing on those tasks we can move around Makes life interesting, our agenda can be influenced by so many different things the following day seldom the same
  8. I enjoyed life in the Uk Enjoying life in Thailand Fortunate to have the opportunity to live here ???? definitely
  9. Interesting comment though from Britman Thai love is all about showing respect by providing, children leave home to work to pay for their parents lifestyle, there does not appear to be need for close proximity, the same often goes for young mothers, love is caring enough to provide, for offspring for family Its a different love to the romantic Disney portrayal Slowly romance is creeping in but in reality for most Thai love is very practical and less emotion Think about it ????
  10. This is the real test I cut down my drinking until I am not bothering now a glass of coke is reward enough I never say stopped drinking I occasionally have a glass d prove I can do it, but only one I met with my family in a restaurant pub they like a drink ???????? when I ordered coke they just made a comment about not drinking, I said for now no Only one sister tried to make anything of it saying I only stopped drinking because I couldn't afford it, I told her sure I had a lot more money in my pocket One of the main reasons actually was my circle of friends changed slowly into non drinkers or light drinkers The only bastion of heavy drinking I now encountered were my family who over the years have accepted I don't go to the pub with them but can provide a very useful taxi service ????
  11. Benefits ???? A steady stream of food, cooked, uncooked, ice cream, pork, fish, vegetables, delivered to our door mostly fresh local produce ???? Grand children can play around outside Daily bicycle ride no traffic to the farm fulfills exercise quota in addition to manual farm tasks Steady supply of papaya fresh from the tree and other associated products for somtam, good for me as I have negotiated a good deal for me ???????? family eat somtam I get to eat simple egg and chips ???? a pleasant and regular change from rice Driving locally no issues just take it easy Downside On occasion too many family about, but this is when I revert to 'City' living go into an aircon room on my own, read, internet, or TV, creating my 'me' time For me rural life is good
  12. I enjoy a good life here, challenges for sure, in a busy daily schedule that allows little time for attention to how others view Thailand Make of it what you will, doesn't need to align with my opinion, I can't fix it for you
  13. Not unusual to have loaned money returned I am surprised by the volume of responses categorising loans as a gift
  14. Start a relationship with a sexy Isaan girl You never know what will happen next challenges will just keep on coming It's great fun ????
  15. It's happened and well done the guys who have offered advice on the fix, very best wishes to the OP hope you can utilise the 'flexibility' available in Thailand Just so some of you know, when you have been married a longtime, lived in Thailand a while, it becomes possible to stay with your wife despite the occasional blip, because in the real world providing there is no animosity the continuance is a reasonable option not to be immediately dismissed
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