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  1. I experienced harsh northern winters, trudging through snow to school, years of outdoor working, moved south and for the last 15 years cycled a 28k round trip to work. Never felt I was suffering, gained great satisfaction, pleased I carried the energy and fitness to do it but yes ingrained in the mind, as I now sit appreciating the warmth of Thailand viewing photos of the current snowstorm in the north of England
  2. Apparently there are those who think they can get away with it, possibly consider those caught unlucky
  3. I can't get all hot and bothered about others, the other day I jumped out of the truck as couldn't park, as about to enter the post office realised no mask popped to a little shop and asked for a mask, given without hesitation, I had no small change, so came back and gave the old lady about a few baht after my post office visit no problem. There will always be those who need to be different or difficult just ignore them.
  4. Good grief guys did you not learn as children 'just because he does it doesn't mean you can' It's a personal individual risk, you get pulled breaking the law you broke the law. If circumstances dictate you are more likely to be stopped, then as that individual you already know when setting out your risk is greater than others Time to grow up
  5. As a heads up the information posted is fine, as a complaint it's ludicrous The I/O at the desk does not sign off your application it goes to a higher level, this in effect makes them your government appointed 'agent' with the task of making sure your application goes through ok - cost 1900 baht If the OP had paid an agent ,10k+ baht the view on and the same points highlighted would have been 'well spotted' thanks
  6. Those that accuse the grand parents of benefitting from money sent would do well to identify how many are receiving 8k baht per child Rice is provided to all offspring from the family farm providing the base for family meals, often farm free range chicken will be sent back with visiting children. And when the offspring need a loan, the grandparents will mortgage the farm land. Retaining the family homestead can turn out to be the life blood of the family should they hit difficult times such as covid.
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