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  1. That's why some are still on here moaning about no vaccination, I think Sheryl took more goes than I did
  2. Did you try mor prom? my tax number was accepted in May and selected private hospital which was excellent. I did have to try mor prom about 40 times before it worked though,
  3. She will get free shots if she decides on it, no need to pay. I would put any dog down that bites, could be a baby attaked next time.
  4. Never need a passport at my own branch so did not apply
  5. Mine wanted me to take off the mask so she could see if it was me, been going in there every month for 7 years, I refused. Went yesterday and today but too crowded. Can't mange without some cash.
  6. One thing more boring than a drunk is an ex drunk forever telling people how long it is since they had a drink. You don't have to give up entirely and pose as a saint, you can always cut down by having 2-3 days off drinking a week, and still loose weight.
  7. Married but she still has Miss and original name on her ID card, the bank do not know we are married so I assume any can be co signature.
  8. Yesterday it was 2-3 weeks, today it's 4-6 weeks. What will the prediction be by the weekend?
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