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  1. Dark has been 49 baht at our Tops for months, cans are still 66 baht !
  2. Anyone know the address for postal 90 day reports? when I asked a couple of weeks ago nobody in the office knew!
  3. Hold off buying for a bit they are reported as reducing the tax by 50% on booze be a saving o n this
  4. The digital health pass says vaccinated but does not say when or what with, not much use really
  5. I asked a couple of weeks ago at immigration how long it would take to fix the database transfer- mai roo and rolling eyes was the answer
  6. So what did your son say? Don't forget topping the druggies was a popular move with the higher ups.
  7. If the German chancellor was advised to take mixed vaccines AZ and Moderna then I think it's a pretty safe bet for the rest of us, what could a Dr here advise anyway.
  8. Not been there for 10 years, what do they charge now for a consultation with a Dr? (orthopedics). Do they set their own charges or are there standard fees imposed by the Hospital?
  9. All the same I think, Cockpit told us 4 years ago when getting new tires we needed new shock absorbers, Toyota said we needed expensive parts last year. Never took them up on it.
  10. Not the way my Mrs drives thanks for the answers al,l will be putting it, in needs other things doing anyway
  11. Distance v years though, if low millledge would you need to do it after 9 years?
  12. My office samut prakan, want 5 copies of passport pages and tm30 print out for 90 day report, doing it online not needed. Where is the logic there?
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