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  1. Because most are Paranoid now Kaowong. Tourists numbers down Air Asia asking for help because the Chinese are not coming ( TAT quoting millions turning up this year when the official figures are way below what they told us ) Complain and your arrested for spreading fake news and damaging the Tourism industry.
  2. The Chinese market again, maybe Air Asia should stop putting all there eggs in this basket and think of other travelers wanting to use there Airline.
  3. Someone yesterday posted Thailand has stringent regulations regarding outside workers and defending the labour laws regarding this very issue. I posted most of the foreign workers were employed were brought into Thailand Ilegally some were high up immigration officers that were transferred once caught.
  4. Down to Money crazykopite the thought of tourists cancelling trips or bookings to this hotel and scaring tourists away was enough for the PM to make sure quickly it had not damaged the image of Thailand.
  5. Cast your minds back when Phuket and other resorts were reopened after Covid. What was the first statement coming out of the PM'S Mouth. Please treat tourists with respect and stop scamming tourists it tarnishes Thailand's image. Did they listen ???
  6. Oh well the pool must be dry now they tried the Indians, the Arabs, Chinese, Kasack's now there Targeting the French where next Mongolia.
  7. B/S What about the illegals being brought into Thailand for construction even some high ranking border officers were on it till they got transferred.
  8. A hammer was found nearby and could be used as evidence mm covered in blood and his head caved in is likely strong evidence.
  9. Oh well Stretta and his Tourism ministers can sleep well there image is intact no need to worry, get a Monk in do a blessing. Sorted new guests in the suite before the end of the week non the wiser.
  10. Already the Authorities are panicking for the potential tourist image according to Sky News. Never mind the deaths there only thinking of the Tourism and will likely come out with the old Mass Suicide. However 2 are American Vietnamese sothe American Embassy will likely want the truth of how they died.
  11. You don't get a chance of ducking down Noshow if you hit head on. Unless of course you know there's going to be an impact and likely you have seconds to avoid it.
  12. Safety Conscious he is wearing a helmet pity the other helmet is not covered.
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