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  1. Any information available about buying a house in Thai name but from a farang that used a company structure to own land and house. Any special taxes or are those for the seller anyway ?
  2. is address to mail your 90 report still the same ? I got my receipt back a few weeks ago, but NOT A WORD of the move as if they could not find something more near-by or just some container office on the market next door anyway, why is there no immigration AT SUVI AIRPORT for Samut Prakarn anyway ? because that would be too much logic Samut Prakarn is and always been a s.h.i.t.t.y. office and specially if you got lady at counter 1, if she got in a bad mood, you could expect troubles
  3. Expulsion or denial the further education of your child ? 99,97 survival rate for a child So why would you allow your child to be forced of taking a product that has unknown effects in the long run, or being excluded from school ? On top of the untested mix of vaccines. I am all for if you get your kid a shot but certainly not ok with imposing it on others that don't have blind faith in companies that historically been forced to pay billions in court for lying, false data, fraud, opiod addiction, ... I know most here have blind fait
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